November 28, 2021

1859 (1859) is a normal year starting on Saturday according to the Gregorian calendar.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yin Earth Goat Japan (Tenpo calendar) Ansei 5 November 28-Ansei 6 December 8 Imperial Year 2519 Qing. Xianfeng Era November 28th-Xianfeng Era December 8th Korea Joseon: Cheoljong 10 years Dangun 4192 Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam) Tsutoku 12 years Buddhist calendar: 2401-2402 Islamic calendar: May 26, 1275-June 6, 1276 Jewish calendar: April 25, 5619-April 5, 5620 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 45 --409 Lilian Date (LD): 100886 --101250




January 22-Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 Premiere (Hannover) January 24-Walachia and Moldavia are unified under the name of Romania by Alexandru Joan Kuza (Principality of Romania, official unification is December 1, 1918)


February 16-French legislation with a sound (above central C) at 435 Hz: the first standard for temperament February 14-Oregon becomes 33rd state in the United States


March 9-Second Italian War of Independence: The Kingdom of Sardinia mobilizes troops March 19-Charles Gounod Opera "Faust" Premiere (Paris) March 19-Scottish National Gallery opens


April 25-Suez Canal laid down (completed in 1869) April 26-Second Italian War of Independence: Giuseppe Garibaldi's Alpine Hunters confront Austrian troops in Varese April 28-May 18 Dissolution general election in England. The minority ruling Conservative Party will extend its seats. April 29-Second Italian War of Independence: The War of Independence Crosses the Ticino River and the War Outbreaks April 30-Charles Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities" serialization started (completed on November 26)


May 2-Opening of the Royal Albert Bridge between Cornwall and Devon in the United Kingdom May 5-Brazil-Venezuela Border Treaty Signed May 21 (April 19, Ansei 6) --Ansei Purge: Shoin Yoshida's transfer to Edo is sent to the Choshu clan May 30-Second Italian War of Independence: Battle of Palestro


June 4-Second Italian War of Independence: Battle of Magenta June 6-Russell Whigs, Palmerston Whigs, Peelites, and Radicals meet at Willis' Rooms to form the British Liberal Party. June 10-The Liberal Party passes a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet in the British Parliament, making it inevitable to resign from the Earl of Derby. June 12-Comstock Silver Lode discovered in Nevada, USA June 15-British and American clashes in San Juan Islands (Pig War) June 17-Second Viscount Palmerston Cabinet (Liberal Party Government) Established in Great Britain June 24-Second Italian War of Independence: Battle of Solferino June 30 (June 1, Ansei 6) --The Yokohama road connecting the Tokaido and the open port (Yokohama) is completed. French acrobat Charles Blondin crossed the Niagara River on a tightrope. British Consul General Rutherford Alcock arrives in Edo


July 1 (June 2, Ansei 6) Yokohama Port officially opened, foreign settlement set up First college baseball game in the United States (Amherst College vs. Williams College) July 8 Second Italian War of Independence: Armistice Agreement Signed Sweden-King of Norway Oscar I dies: Charles XV (Karl IV as King of Norway) reigns


September 1-Richard Carrington first observes solar flare (1859 solar storm) Large-scale magnetic storm occurs (-September 2) (Aurora observes in Cuba, telegraph disruption) September 6 (August 10, Ansei 6) --The first French Consul General in Japan, Belcourt, arrives in Edo September 7-British in the UK

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