August 8, 2022

1869 (1869 Nen) is a common year starting on Friday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar).

Other chronology

Chinese zodiac: self Japan (Tenpo calendar) November 19, 1868 - November 29, 1898 Imperial year 2529 Qing : November 19, 1948-November 29, 1998 Korea Lee Dynasty Joseon Gojong 6th year Danki 4202 Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam): 11/19/21 - 11/29/22 Butsumetsu: 2411-2412 Islamic calendar: September 17, 1285 - September 27, 1286 Jewish calendar: April 18, 5629 - April 27, 5630 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 3698 - 4062 Lilius Day (LD): 104539 - 104903




1/27 (Meiji 12/15)-In Japan, the former shogunate army established the "Ezo Republic": One aspect of the Boshin War.


2/11 (Meiji 2 January 1)-Kannonzaki Lighthouse (Japan's first Western-style lighthouse) lights up for the first time. 2/19 (Meiji 2nd January 9)-Ezo Matsumae Domain, the 14th lord Nobuhiro Matsumae attacked. 2/23 (Meiji 1/13)-In Japan, Kosuge Prefecture is established. 2/26 - United StatesConstitution15th Amendment is proposed (ratified and established in 1870).


3/4 - Ulysses Grant is sworn in as the 18th President of the United States. 3/6 -Dmitri MendeleevPublishes the periodic table of elements. 3/6 (Meiji 2nd January 1st)-The beginning of the poetry revival in Japan. 3/19(Meiji 2nd February 2nd)-JapanPublic office opened. 3/20 (Meiji 2nd February 8)-In Japan, the publication of newspapers is permitted. 3/21 (Meiji 2nd February 9)-In Japan, Shinagawa Prefecture is established. 3/24 (Meiji 2nd February 12)-Ginza/Ginza will be abolished in Japan. 3/25 (Meiji 2nd February 13)-Shubiki inner city area (reclamation prohibited) and Shubiki outside village (reclamation encouraged) are set in Tokyo, Japan.


4/8 - American Museum of Natural History, established. April 13 - George Westinghouse receives US patent for air brake. April 18 (Meiji 2nd March 7) - in Japan Emperor Meiji departs from Kyoto to make Tokyo the capital. Public office opened. 4/26 (Meiji 2March 15)-In Japan, the observatory in Tenmonkata and Asakusa/Kudan will be abolished.


5/9 (Meiji 2nd March 28)- Tokyo Capital: Emperor Meiji arrives in Tokyo. 5/10 - The first transcontinental railroad opens in the United States. 5/20 (Meiji 2nd April 9th)-The Battle of Hakodate Bay broke out in Japan : One aspect of the Boshin War.


June 15 - John Hyatt obtains US patent for celluloid. 6/27 (Meiji 2nd May 18)-Hakodate War ends in Japan : One aspect of the Boshin War.


7/1 (Meiji 2nd May 22)-In Japan, Danjodai is installed. 7/3 (Meiji 2nd May 24)-In Japan, an exchange company is established. July 15 - Hippolyte Meige-Mouriet receives a French patent for margarine. 7/25 (Meiji 2nd June 17th)-In Japan, the dedication of the book will be done. On the same day, the peerage system was inaugurated. 7/30 (Meiji 2nd June 22)-Japan Naval Training Center (the predecessor of the Naval Academy) is established.


8/6 (Meiji 2nd June 29th) - In Japan, Tokyo Shokonsha (later Yasukuni Shrine) will be built as a shrine dedicated to the war dead of the Boshin War. August 15th (Meiji 2nd July 8th) - in Japan The Meiji government introduced the Daijokan system (according to an official ordinance, a two-ministerial six-ministerial system of the Ministry of Popular Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of War, the Ministry of Criminal Affairs, the Ministry of the Imperial Household, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was adopted). The Ministry of Finance became the Ministry of Finance due to the reorganization of central ministries and agencies in 2001, and almost no longer exists, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs still exists today without changing its name. The Meiji government established the Hokkaido Development Commission. Establishment of a university. August 29�