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1874 (1874) is a normal year starting on Thursday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). 7th year of the Meiji era.

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Zodiac: Yang Wood Dog Japan (dates match) 7th year of the Meiji era 2534 imperial year Qing: November 13, 2012-November 23, 2013 Korea Mr. Lee Chosun, Gojong 11th year Dangun 4207 Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam): Tu Duc November 13, 2014 --Tu Duc November 23, 2015 Buddhist calendar: 2416-2417 Islamic calendar: November 12, 1290-November 22, 1291 Jewish calendar: April 12, 5634-April 23, 5635 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 5524-5888 Lilian Date (LD): 106365 --106729




January 1-Zojoji Temple burned down January 14-Attempted assassination of Minister of the Right Iwakura Tomomi (Kuichigai Incident) January 15-Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department established January 17-Submitting a white paper on the establishment of the Minsen Senate (Itagaki Taisuke, Goto Shojiro et al.) January 20-Opening of Rokugogawa Watabashi January 23-Army Flag Parent Ceremony January 28-Established Aoyama Imperial Residence (later Akasaka Guest House)


February 1-Saga Rebellion (Shinpei Eto) February 2-The European-style road in Ginza Bricktown is completed February 3-Private School / Rikkyo School Opened by Episcopal Church Williams (later Rikkyo University) February 17-First Gladstone Cabinet (Liberal Party) resigns in the UK February 21-Second Disraeli Cabinet (Conservative Party) established in the United Kingdom February 24-Kalakaua takes the throne in the Kingdom of Hawaii Completion of Asakusabashi


March 13-Women's Normal School (later Ochanomizu University) established (opened the following year)


April 2-Meiroku Magazine first issue April 5-Johann Strauss II Comedy "Die Fledermaus" Premiere (Ann der Wien Theater) April 10-Established Risshisha (Itagaki Taisuke et al.) April 13-Shinpei Eto beheaded April 16-Dr. Livingston's body arrives in Southampton


May 22-Taiwan troop dispatch (role of conquest) May 29-Constitution (current) comes into force in Switzerland


June 8-Completion of Nikolai-do Bishop's Hall June 23-Hokkaido Tondenhei system established


July 1-US's first zoo opens in Philadelphia July 3-Miyakejima eruption (1 dead) July 28-Opening Ceremony of Kasumi Kaikan July 31-Asakusa Bunko (later Imperial Library) opened (book building relocated)


August 5-Start of postal savings August 18-Promulgation of medical system A two-story carriage runs between Asakusa Kaminarimon and Shinbashi (Senriken)


September 9-Double-decker carriage ban September 22-Proclamation of Telegraph Ordinance September 24-The first issue of the Choya Shinbun (renamed the official text magazine)


October 6-Completion of Kabashi October 9-Establishment of the Universal Postal Union October 10-Fiji becomes a British colony October 11-Derailment accident at Shimbashi station (Japan's first railway accident) October 13-Financial year revision (from December to July-June system) October 30-Tondenhei rules established


November 2-First issue of Yomiuri Shimbun November 15-Inubosaki Lighthouse lights up November 18-Woman's Christian Temperance Union established in Cleveland, USA November 20-Onogumi closed


December 1-Guangxu Emperor (Tokumune) coronation in the Qing dynasty (-1908) December 9-The Transit of Venus from Earth has occurred. December 19-Shimada group closed December 24-Tokyo English School established (Kaisei School English Department is separated and independent)

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January 1-Hozuma Katori, Metalcasting Craftsman and Poet (+ 1954) January 6-Fred Niblo, Film Director and Screenwriter (+ 1948) January 18-Shoma Morita, medical scientist, founding Morita therapy (+ 1938) January 19-Hitachiyama Taniemon, 19th yokozuna of sumo wrestling (+ 1922) January 22-Jay Hughes, Major Leaguer (+ 1924) January 24-Kenkichi Yoshizawa, Diplomat (+ 1965) January 2

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