May 21, 2022

1880 (1880) is a leap year starting on Thursday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar). Meiji 13 years.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Metal Dragon Japan (dates match) Meiji 13 2540 imperial year Qing: November 19, 5th year of Guangxu-December 1, 1st, 6th year of Guangxu Korea Mr. Lee, Gojong of Korea, 17 years Dangun 4213 Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam) November 19, 32 --Tokutoku December 1, 1933 Buddhist calendar: 2422-2423 Islamic calendar: January 18, 1297-January 28, 1298 Jewish calendar: April 17, 5640-April 29, 5641 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 7715 --8080 Lilian Date (LD): 108556 --108921




January 1-Panama Canal begins construction (abandoned in 1889) January 12-Established Kyosai 500 Famous Companies (later Yasuda Life) (Japan's first life insurance organization) January 17-Establishment of drug handling rules January 26-Formation of a company January 27-Thomas Edison obtains US patent for incandescent light bulbs


February 6-Strathleven arrives in London, leaving Sydney on November 29 of the previous year (first successful transport of frozen meat by freezer) February 14-Nara Park opens February 16-Established American Society of Mechanical Engineers February 17-Attempted assassination of Alexander II February 22-Yokohama Earthquake February 28-Yokohama Specie Bank (later Bank of Tokyo) opened


March 17-Renamed Aikokusha, etc. to the League for the Establishment of the National Assembly March 30-Murata rifle system Established Maruzen (reorganized from Maruya Trading Company)


The Seismological Society of Japan was established in the wake of the Yokohama Earthquake that occurred in February. April 5-Promulgation of the Assembly Ordinance April 17-The completion of Hibiya Daijingu April 18-The Second Disraeli Cabinet (Conservative Party) resigns in the UK. April 24-Establishment of the Amateur Athletic Association in the United Kingdom April 28-The Second Gladstone Cabinet (Liberal Party) is established in the United Kingdom.


Japanese translation of the New Testament


June 7-Pacific War (South America): Battle of Arica June 29 Tahiti becomes French territory Established Tokyo Bar Association (later Tokyo Bar Association) (Chairman Hoshi Toru)


July 1-Kyoto Prefectural Painting School (later Kyoto City University of Arts) opening ceremony July 15-Aisakayama tunnel opened (completed June 1) (the first tunnel dug only by Japanese people) July 17-Old Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code (later Code of Criminal Procedure) enacted


August 14-Cologne Cathedral completed more than 600 years after the start of construction (construction started 1248)


September 12-Tokyo School of Law (later Hosei University) opened September 16-Special training college (later special training college) opened September 23-Jules Ferry becomes Prime Minister of France September 30-Henry Draper successfully shoots the Orion Nebula


October 1-Sousa becomes conductor of the United States Marine Band October 8-Ogasawara Islands transferred to Tokyo Prefecture October 15-Cologne Cathedral Dedication Ceremony (Attendance of William I) October 20-Foundation of Free University of Amsterdam


November 2-James Garfield wins US presidential election November 3rd-You set the national anthem November 5-Establishment of factory surplus rules (start of government-owned factory surplus) November 10-League for the Establishment of the National Assembly held the second convention (Tokyo), November 28,-Sapporo Station opened


December 17-Rokuro Usui's katakiuchi case (the last samurai katakiuchi in Japan). December 26-First Boer War (-1881) December 28-Promulgation of revised Education Order

Date unknown

Piezoelectric effect public experiment (Pierre Curie et al.) First issue of the magazine "Science" Luigi Denza "Funiculi Funicura" (World's First Commercial Song)


January 2-Hajime Sugiyama, Army Soldier / Politician (+ 1945) January 12-Rengel Menichert, playwright and screenwriter (+ 1974) January 26-Douglas MacArthur, GHQ General Commander