August 8, 2022

1893 (1893 Nen) is a common year starting on Sunday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). Meiji 26.

Other chronology

Zodiac: Snake Japan (month and day match) Meiji 26 Imperial era 2553 Qing: Koo November 14, 18 - Koo November 24, 19 Korea Lee Dynasty Joseon Gojong 30th Anniversary 502 years since the opening of the country Danki 4226 Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam): 11/14/14 - 11/24/1999 Butsumetsu: 2435-2436 Islamic calendar: June 12, 1310 - June 22, 1311 Jewish calendar: April 13, 5653 - April 22, 5654 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 12464 - 12828 Lilius Day (LD): 113305 - 113669




1/22 - Queen Liliuokalani is dethroned in the Kingdom of Hawaii (Destruction of the Kingdom of Hawaii) 1/31 - The first issue of the literary world (Fujison Shimazaki, Tokoku Kitamura, etc.)


February 1 - Puccini's opera "Manon Lescaut" Premiere (Legio Theater) 2/3 - Tokyo City announces that the site of the Hibiya Parade Ground will be Hibiya Park (Opened in 1903) 2/5 - Masujiro Omura bronze statue unveiling ceremony (Yasukuni Shrine) (Japan's first Western-style bronze statue) February 9 Panama Canal scandal: Ferdinand de Lesseps and others convicted Premiere of Verdi's opera "Falstaff" (La Scala) February 24 - Founding of American University February 23 - Rudolf Diesel patents diesel engine


March 10 - Ivory Coast becomes a French colony March 4th - Attorney Law (Meiji 26) promulgated (abolition of attorney system) Grover Cleveland becomes the 24th President of the United States (second term) 3/17 - Kawagoe Great Fire occurs, 1,302 houses are lost 3/20 - Naval Captain Narutada Gunji and others depart for Kurile exploration 3/29 - Meguro Explosives Factory/Platinum Explosive Warehouse transferred from the Navy Ministry to the Army Ministry


4/1 - Nishitama-gun, Kitatama-gun, Minamitama-gun are transferred from Kanagawa prefecture to Tokyo prefecture April 6 - Salt Lake Temple Opening Ceremony Launched Chujoyu (Tsumura Juntendo)


5/1 - Chicago World's Fair held (~ October 30) 5/5 - Financial crisis in the United States (1893 Panic) May 10 - U.S. Supreme Court rules tomatoes as vegetables 5/19 - Wartime Imperial General Headquarters Ordinance promulgated 5/20 - Establishment of Naval General Staff


June 7 - Mahatma Gandhi commits first civil disobedience. June 17 - Gold discovered in Kalgoorlie, Australia 6/21 - The first Ferris wheel (mechanical type) is released (Chicago Expo) June 30 - Diamond Excelsior Diamond is discovered (world's largest until 1905)


July 6 - The Duke of York (later George V) marries Mary of Teck 7/10 - Tokyo Fine Arts School 1st Graduation Ceremony (Yokoyama Taikan et al.) July 11 - Kokichi Mikimoto succeeds in culturing pearls 7/13 - Parknam Incident in Southeast Asia


August 6-Great fire in central Hachioji (700 houses burned down) 8/12 -Kimigayo is enacted by the Ministry of Education.


September 4 - Beatrix Potter writes the story of Peter Rabbit 9/7 - Tsukiji Hongwanji burned down September 10 - Government-owned Tomioka Silk Mill sold (Mitsui Takayasu made a successful bid) 9/11-International Religious Conference held in Chicago (until 27th) (From Japan, Horyu Togi, Fudo Noguchi, and Soen Shaku participated) September 19 - First women's suffrage passed in New Zealand September 19 - France introduces first car license plates


October 22 - Groundbreaking ceremony for modern waterworks in Tokyo (Scheduled site for Yodobashi Water Purification Plant) October 28 - Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 premiere (Petersburg) Civil officer appointment order and civil officer examination rules promulgated (establishment of high-level civil officer examination)


11/1 - Meijiza opens November 25 - 5th congress convocation 11/28 - New Zealand general election (voting by women for the first time in history) Established Okura Civil Engineering Group


December 16 - Dove