July 5, 2022

1894 (1894) is a normal year starting on Monday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). Meiji 27 years.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Wood Horse Japan (dates match) Meiji 27 2554 imperial year Qing: Mitsuo November 25, 19-Mitsuo December 5, 20 Korea Mr. Lee Chosun, Gojong 31st year June 27, 503 (Gregorian calendar July 29) --Opening December 5, 503 Dangun 4227 Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam): November 25, 5th year of Narutai --December 5, 6th year of Narutai Buddhist calendar: 2436 – 2437 Islamic calendar: June 23, 1311-July 3, 1312 Jewish calendar: April 23, 5654-April 4, 5655 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 12829 --13193 Lilian Date (LD): 113670 --114034




January 1-Manchester Ship Canal opens in the UK January 4-Established Franco-Russian Alliance January 22-Hayama Imperial Villa completed



March 1-The 3rd General Election of the House of Representatives March 2-Resignation of the 4th Gladstone Cabinet in the UK March 5-The Rosebury Cabinet is established in the United Kingdom March 9-Emperor Meiji's 25th Anniversary Celebration (Silver Wedding Anniversary Spreads in Japan). As a result, Japan's first commemorative stamp, the Meiji Emperor Silver Wedding Commemorative Stamp, will be issued. March 21-Mercury's Transit of Mercury on Venus, Mercury's Transit of Mercury on Saturn and Venus's Transit of Venus. March 28-Kim Ok-gyun is assassinated by Empress Myeongseong's thug in Shanghai March 29-Donghak Peasant War (Donghak Peasant Rebellion): Uprising in Jeolla-do, Korea Completed iron pier in Yokohama


April 2-Start of negotiations on the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation (London, signed July 16) April 8-Bruckner Symphony No. 5 Premiere (Grazer Oper) Takayama Chogyu "Takiguchi Nyudo" serialization started (Yomiuri Shimbun)


May 12-Convocation of the 6th Special Assembly May 14-Blackpool Tower unveiled in the UK May 16-Kitamura Tokoku commits suicide (hanging) May 31-Donghak Peasant War (Donghak Peasant Rebellion): Rogues Occupy All States of Korea


June 20-M7.0 class earthquake occurred in northern Tokyo Bay (Meiji Tokyo earthquake) June 23-International Olympic Committee established June 24-Assassination of President Carnot of France June 28-Workers' Day establishes as an official holiday in the United States June 30-Tower Bridge opens in the UK


July 4-Hawaii declares republic (President Sanford B. Dole) July 6-US President Cleveland dispatches troops to suppress Pullman Strike July 16-Signing of the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation (abolition of consular jurisdiction) July 17-Navy General Staff changed from Nakamuta Kuranosuke to Kabayama Sukenori July 19-The Japanese Navy forms the first Combined Fleet (Lt. Gen. Ito Sukeyuki, Commander-in-Chief) July 23-Japanese troops occupy the Korean royal palace and support Heungseon Daewon July 25-Sino-Japanese War: Battle of Pungdo off the coast of Toyoshima July 27-Establishment of the first Kim Hong-jip administration in Korea (start of the first Gabo Reform) July 28-Sino-Japanese War: Battle of Seonghwan July 29-Tokyo Prefectural Government Building New Construction Ceremony (Yurakucho, Kojimachi-ku)


August 1-Sino-Japanese War: Japan and Qing declare war on each other August 25-Kitasato Shibasaburo announces discovery of Yersinia pestis (Lancet magazine)


September 1-The 4th House of Representatives general election September 15 Sino-Japanese War: Battle of Pyongyang Sino-Japanese War: The Imperial Headquarters (Emperor Meiji's parent tree) advances from the Imperial Palace to the 5th Division Headquarters (Hiroshima Castle) (Hiroshima Imperial Headquarters) September 17-Sino-Japanese War: Battle of the Yalu River


October 15-Dreyfus Incident: Alfred Dreyfus, French Army Captain, arrested for treason (false charge) October 24-The first edition of Shiga Shigetaka's book "Japanese Landscape Theory" is published. October 25-Sino-Japanese War: Operation Yalu River October 29-First election in the Republic of Hawaii


November 1-Russian emperor Alexander III died, Nicholas II coronated November 15-Convocation of the 7th Extraordinary Parliament November 21-Sino-Japanese War: Journey.