January 18, 2022

1900 (1900) is a normal year starting on Monday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). The 33rd year of the Meiji era. This is the last year of the 19th century.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Metal Rat Japan (dates match) 33rd year of Meiji 2560 imperial year Qing: Guangxu December 1, 2013-Guangxu November 10, 2014 Korea (dates match) Korean Empire: Kobu 4th year Dangun 4233 Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam): December 1, 2011-November 10, 2012 Buddhist calendar: October 1, 2442-October 11, 2443 Hijri calendar (Islamic calendar): August 28, 1317-September 9, 1318 Jewish calendar: May 1, 5660-April 9, 5661 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 15020 ---15384 Lilian Date (LD): 115861 --116225




January 2-First electric bus opens in New York City January 14-Giacomo Puccini Opera "Tosca" Premiere (Costanzi Theater) January 15-Tokyo City begins purchasing mice to prevent plague (5 sen per animal) January 17-Toppan Printing was founded January 23 Komyoji village female worker burned to death The development of the Daito Islands will be started by the reclamation team from Hachijojima centering on Tamaoki Hanemon. January 27-Envoys of each country demand the Qing dynasty to suppress the Yoshiwa group January 28-Socialist Association inaugurated


February 9-Dwight Davis creates Davis Cup February 13-Farmers victims of the Ashio Copper Mine Incident collide with police on their way to Tokyo (Kawamata Incident) February 16-Hokkaido Takushoku Bank established as a special bank. February 25-Yukichi Fukuzawa announces "Shinpo" in "Jiji Shinpo" February 27-Labor Representative Committee (later Labor Party) established in the United Kingdom


March 7-Promulgation of the Underage Smoking Prohibition Law (enforced April 1) March 10-Promulgation of the Security Police Law (enforced on March 30) March 29-Revision of the House of Representatives Election Law (election rights are reduced directly from 15 yen or more to 10 yen or more)


April 4-Attempted assassination of Crown Prince of England (later Edward VII) April 8 Sanyo Railway introduces first-class sleeping car (first sleeping car) Inoue Enryō "Kanji Impossible Theory" published April 11-US Navy acquires first submarine Holland (commissioned October 12) April 15-Paris World Exposition held (-November 15)


May 1-Tokyo Toden (later Toden) established May 10 Crown Prince Yoshihito (later Emperor Taisho) married Setsuko Kujo Railway song issuance (Tokaido edition) May 14-Paris Olympic Games (2nd Summer Olympic Games) held (-October 28) May 15-Marconi International Marine Communications Company Founds World's First Maritime Mobile Public Communications (Telegram) Service at Borkum Island Lighthouse Coast Station, Borkum Riff Lightship Radio Station, Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, Germany .. May 16-Arthur Evans discovers Knossos ruins May 19th Ministry of the Army / Ministry of the Navy Government System Revision (Military Minister Active Military Officer System) Founded Kyoto Hosei School (later Ritsumeikan University) (Kojuro Nakagawa) Britain makes Tonga a protectorate May 29-US Otis Elevator Trademark of Escalator


June 20-Yoshiwadan siege embassies in Beijing and kill hundreds of Westerners, including German ministers June 21-Yoshiwadan Ran: Qing declares war on eight countries including Japan June 26-Taiwan Association School (later Takushoku University) founded (Keitaro)


July 2nd Zeppelin makes its first flight (Lake Constance) Jean Sibelius Symphonic Poem "Finlandia" Premiere July 9-Victoria approves Australian Constitution July 10-Christian magazine "Rookie" launched (Syuhitu, Ebina Danjo) July 19-Paris subway opens during the Paris World's Fair July 29-King of Italy Umberto I is assassinated


August 8-The 1st Country Tennis

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