August 8, 2022

1914 (1914 Nen) is a common year starting on Thursday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). Taisho 3rd year.

Other chronology

Chinese zodiac: tiger Japan (month and day match) Taisho 3rd year Imperial year 2574 China (month and day match) Republic of China 3 years Korea (month and day match) Danki 4247 Main body 3 years Vietnam Nguyen Dynasty : December 6, 1868 - November 15, 1898 mongolia Shared 3rd December 6 - Shared 4th November 15 Butsumetsu: October 5, 2456 - October 15, 2457 Hijri (Islamic) calendar: February 3, 1332 - February 13, 1333 Jewish calendar: April 3, 5674 - April 14, 5675 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 20133 - 20497 Lilian Day (LD) : 120974 - 121338




January 5 - Ford Motor Company announces minimum wage of 8 hours for employees and $5 a day 1/12 - A large eruption of Sakurajima occurred. Connected with the Osumi Peninsula on the opposite shore at the end of January (Taisho eruption of Sakurajima). 1/23 - At the House of Representatives Budget Committee in Japan, Saburo Shimada, a member of the House of Representatives, pursued Siemens' rebate provision to the Japanese Navy, developing into the Siemens incident.


2/6 - Women's field power plant (later Kyushu hydroelectric) in Hita-gun, Oita Prefecture, starts supplying power to the government-owned Yawata Steel Works 2/10-Cabinet impeachment national convention held (Hibiya Park)-Siege the National Diet Building


3/1 - Large-scale integration and abolition of local governments by the Korean Governor's Office (urban part to prefecture, rural part to county) 3/12 - Nichiro (now Maruha Nichiro) established 3/15 -Akita Senboku earthquakeOccurs. 94 people died. 3/19 - New construction of Tokyo Station designed by Kingo Tatsuno is completed. 3/20 - Tokyo Taisho Exposition held (-7/31, Japan's first escalator appeared) March 23 - US Navy battleship Oklahoma launched. 3/24 - 1st Yamamoto Cabinet resignation (due to the Siemens case) Geijutsuza Performance “Resurrection” (Sumako Matsui et al.)


4/1 - Takarazuka Girls' Revue (current Takarazuka Revue Company) 1st performance 4/16 - 2nd Okuma Cabinet established


5/4 - 32nd Extraordinary Assembly Convocation Tojo Railway (later Tobu Tojo Line) opens between Ikebukuro and Tamonosawa (Kawagoe City)


6/12 - Established Heibonsha 6/20 - 33rd Extraordinary Assembly Convocation 6/25-Kyushu Electric Tramway Orio Stop-Opening between Kurosaki 6/28 - World War I: In Sarajevo, a town in the Bosnian region of Austria, the Austrian heir to the throneFranz Ferdinand Archduke and his wife are assassinated by a Serbian youth (Sarajevo Incident)


July 3 - Great Britain and Tibet sign the Shimla Treaty 7/8 - Sun Yat-sen and others form the Chinese Revolutionary Party in Tokyo July 23 - Sarajevo: Austria-Hungary ultimatum to Serbia July 28 - World War I: Austria declares war on Serbia, World War I begins. July 30 - World War I: The Russian Empire issues a general mobilization


August 1 - World War I: Germany declares war on Russia August 3 - World War I: Germany declares war on France August 4th World War I: German forces invade neutral Belgium. World War I: Britain declares war on Germany. 8/12 - Britain agrees to Japan's war against Germany 8/15 - Panama Canal Opening Ceremony August 23 - World War I: The Empire of Japan declares war on Germany. The United States declared its neutrality in World War I. World War I: Battle of Tannenberg takes place. After that, the Eastern Front stalemate.


September 1 - Martha the last passenger pigeon dies (Cincinnati Zoo) September 2 - World War I: Japan lands in Shandong Province, a German leased land September 3 - 34th Extraordinary Congress Convocation September 6 - World War I: Battle of the Marne begins