July 5, 2022

1919 (1919) is a normal year starting on Wednesday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). Taisho 8 years.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yin Earth Goat Japan (dates match) Taisho 8 years 2579 imperial year China (dates match) Republic of China 8 years Korea (dates match) Dangun 4252 Main body 8 years Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam) November 30, 3rd year of enlightenment-November 10, 4th year of enlightenment Buddhist calendar: September 14, 2461-October 10, 2462 Hijri calendar (Islamic calendar): March 28, 1337-April 8, 1338 Jewish calendar: April 29, 5679-April 9, 5680




January 1-Establishment of the White Russian Soviet Socialist Republic January 5-Spartacus League uprising in Germany January 5-German Workers'Party (later National Socialist German Workers' Party) formed in Munich, Germany January 15-Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht are slaughtered in Germany January 18-Paris Peace Conference on the End of World War I


February 9-Established Ohara Institute for Social Affairs February 14-Poland-Soviet War broke out February 27-Litoania White Russia-Soviet Socialist Republic (Republic of Litobel) established


March 1-March 1st Movement on the Korean Peninsula March 2-Comintern (3rd International) founded March 3-The Supreme Court of Japan handed down the judgment of the Shingen-ko flag Kakematsu case, and the plaintiff's victory was confirmed. March 8-The Egyptian Revolution (1919) broke out due to the arrest of Saad Zaghloul and the exile to Malta. March 21-Establishment of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in Hungary March 21-The Rowlatt Act enacts to suppress the Indian independence movement in the United Kingdom March 22-Siberian Intervention: Ivanovka incident occurs. March 23-Benito Mussolini forms "Warrior Fashion (later Fascist Party)" in Italy March 31-Taiwan Governor-General Building completed


April 6-Mahatma Gandhi launches first Satyagraha (nonviolent and disobedience) movement in India April 12-Kwantung Army Headquarters Ordinance promulgated in Japan (Kwantung Army established) April 13-British troops fire in India, killing and injuring hundreds of Indians (Amritsar) April 16-The Kingdom of Romania declares war on the Hungarian Soviet Republic (Hungarian-Romanian War) April 21-Sakai Toshihiko, Hitoshi Yamakawa and others launch "Socialist Research" April 29-Paris Peace Conference approves Japan's request for German interests in Shandong Province, China


May 4-May Fourth Movement in the Republic of China May 7-Japan decides to mandate the former German territory north of the equator at the Paris Peace Conference May 15-Greek troops invade and occupy Turkish Izmir May 23-Revision of the House of Representatives Election Law in Japan (Right to vote for taxpayers of 3 yen or more) May 27-Curtis NC4 flying boat arrives in Lisbon from New York (first successful transatlantic flight) May 29-The solar eclipse of May 29, 1919. The first example of observing the gravitational lens effect.


June 6-Holty Miklós leads the Hungarian National Army in Hungary to uprising the rebels June 21-German fleet scuttles at Scapa Flow June 28-Germany signs Treaty of Versailles with the Allies


July 7-Calpis sales start July 13-United States returns to the gold standard July 16-Itagaki Taisuke dies July 19-Clash between Japan and China in the Kanjoko incident


August 6-Romanian troops capture Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and the Hungarian Soviet Republic collapses August 8-Afghanistan and Great Britain as Rawalpindi Article as a result of the Third Anglo-Afghan War.