May 21, 2022

1929 (1929) is a normal year starting on Tuesday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar). Showa 4th year.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yin Japan (dates match) Showa 4 2589 imperial year China (dates match) Republic of China 18 years Korea Dangun 4262 Subject 18 years Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam) November 21, 3rd year of Hodai-December 1, 4th year of Hodai People's Republic of Mongolia (dates match) Mongolian People's Republic 19 years Buddhist calendar: 2471-2472 Islamic calendar: July 19, 1347-July 29, 1348 Jewish calendar: April 19, 5689-March 29, 5690 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 25612 --25976 Lilian Date (LD): 126453 --126817




January 31-Joseph Stalin deports Leon Trotsky. Stalin's dictatorship is completed here.


February 11-Owen D. Young's Young Plan, First Young Committee, will be held in Paris. February 11-Signing of the Lateran Treaty February 14-Saint Valentine's Day Massacre February 22-The partnership company Esaki Shoten is reorganized into Esaki Co., Ltd. (later Ezaki Glico). February 23-Matsukichi Tsumaki, the wife of a preaching thief, is arrested in Tokyo. The peasant dispute since 1927 in Shariki Village, Aomori Prefecture has intensified and collided with the police.


March --Kuniyoshi Obara establishes Tamagawa Gakuen in Machida-cho, Minamitama-gun, Tokyo. March 4-United States Presidential Inauguration of Herbert Hoover. March 5-Senji Yamamoto murder case. March 14-A large fire in Ishioka broke out in Ishioka Town, Niihari District, Ibaraki Prefecture (currently Ishioka City). March 18-The former Prime Minister's Office (currently the Prime Minister's Office) is completed.


April 1-Five Government Universities (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Osaka Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Literature and Science, Hiroshima University of Literature and Science, Kobe Commercial University) are established. April 1-Odakyu Enoshima Line, Sagami-Ono Station-Katase-Enoshima Station opened. April 10-Nobuo Origuchi "Ancient Studies" Volume I Japanese Literature. April 15-Hankyu Department Store, the first terminal department store, opens. April 16-Communist Party members arrested all at once (April 16th incident)


May 1-The noon gun "Don" is abolished in Tokyo. It becomes a siren. Bloody May Day in Berlin, May 1st


June 4-Completion of a bridge on the Sumida River June 16-Hokkaido Komagatake explodes June 17-Hokkaido Komagatake erupts


July 1 Announcement of the disposition of the person in charge of the Zhang Zuolin bombing case. The emperor rebuked Prime Minister Giichi Tanaka when the disposition was too light. Established the Social Education Bureau in the Ministry of Education and promoted the Student Affairs Division to the Student Affairs Division (strengthening ideological measures) July 2-Yoshikazu Tanaka resigned from the Cabinet. Hamaguchi Cabinet established. July 24-Japan ratifies the "War Abandonment Niseki Suru Treaty" (Kellogg-Brian Treaty)


August 15-Hokkaido Railway Suspicion Case August 15-The Western Wall incident broke out in Jerusalem, where Jews and Arabs confront each other.


September 12-Musashi High School of Technology (predecessor of Musashi Institute of Technology (currently Tokyo City University)) opened September 15-Timetable revision (increasing trains, shortening time), train nickname begins (first and second class limited express "Fuji", third class limited express "Sakura").


October 3 Renamed to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia October 24-Stock market crash on the New York Stock Exchange. Trigger the Great Depression (so-called "Black Thursday").


November 3-Gwangju Student Independence November 7-Dismantling of the All Japan Student Social Sciences Association (so-called combat dismantling) November 22-Kintetsu Hanazono Rugby Stadium opens.


December 16-Opened Yaesu Exit at Tokyo Station December 21-The first performance of the formation of the Ningyo Club (currently Ningyo Gekidan Puke) December 23-The 57th Congress convenes. December 24-Established Karatsu Town Credit Sales and Purchasing Association (currently Karatsu Shinkin Bank) and set up office in Gofukumachi, Karatsu City