August 8, 2022

1932 (1932 Nen) is a leap year starting on Friday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). 1932.

Other chronology

Zodiac: Jinshin Japan (month and day match) 1932 Imperial year 2592 Manchuria, China (month and day match) republic of china calendar 21 Manchukuo/Datong 1 March 1 - December 31 Korea (month and day match) Danki 4265 Main body 21 years Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam) November 24, 6th year of Hodai - December 5th, 7th year of Hodai Mongolian People's Republic (date and month match) Mongolian People's Republic 22 years Butsumetsu: 2474-2475 Islamic calendar: August 21, 1350 - September 3, 1351 Jewish calendar: April 22, 5692 - April 2, 5693 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 26707 - 27072 Lilius Day (LD): 127548 - 127913




1/6 - Sumo Shunjuen Incident (Tenryu Incident) 1/8 - Korean Lee Bongchang throws a bomb on the emperor's carriage (Sakuradamon Incident) 1/18 - Shanghai Japanese monk attack incident 1/25 - Soviet Union-Poland Non-Aggression Pact concluded 1/28 - First Shanghai Incident


2/9 - Former Minister of Finance Junnosuke Inoue is assassinated by Tadashi Konuma, a member of the clan, in Hongo, Tokyo (Clan Incident) 2/17 - Ginza Willow Tree Planting Ceremony (294 trees by March 21. Willow revival in Ginza) 2/20 - 18th House of Representatives General Election 2/22 - At the Shanghai Front, 3 Army Privates rushed into the opponent's position with a bomb tube and died in an explosion ("Bomb Three Heroes" Incident)


3/1 - Manchukuo declares founding 3/1 - Lindbergh child kidnapping case 3/5 - Takuma Dan, Chairman of the Mitsui Partnership, is assassinated by a member of the clan (Clan Incident) 3/7 - Kwansei Gakuin University, approved by university ordinance 3/7 - Tamanoi dismembered murder case 3/11 - Inoue Nissho, leader of the clan, turns himself in 3/18 - 61st Extraordinary Congress Convocation 3/19 - Sydney Harbor Bridge opens. 3/26 - Koreya Senda's Tokyo theater group 1st performance ("Beggar play")


April 1st Naval Air Arsenal established (Yokosuka) Railway Kosaikai opens 4/24 - 1st Tokyo Yushun Grand Race held (Meguro Racecourse) 4/29 - Shanghai Tencho Festival Bomb Incident


May 5th First Shanghai Incident: Shanghai Armistice Agreement Signed Sophia University students refused to visit Yasukuni Shrine 5/6 - French PresidentPaul DoumerAssassinated (died on 7th) 5/9 - Sakatayama Suicide Incident May 10 - Albert Leblanc becomes president of France 5/14 - Chaplin came to Japan 5/15 - Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai is killed in the 5/15 Incident 5/16 - Resignation of Inukai Cabinet 5/17 -Fukuoka Nichinichi Shimbun criticizes the 5.15 Incident in an editorial "Dare to encourage the people to be prepared" and is threatened by the Kurume Division and veterans. 5/18 - Sumida River Bridge Bridge Ceremony 5/19 - Tateyama Navy Air Corps sets a new record for a round trip between Tateyama and Ogasawara (14 hours 13 minutes) May 20th Kisaburo Suzuki becomes President of Seiyukai Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic (14 hours 54 minutes) Kinnosuke Otsuka et al. published "Lecture on the Development of Japanese Capitalism" 5/21 - Ichimuraza burned down 5/23 - Calling of the 62nd Extraordinary Congress 5/26 - Saito Cabinet established May 29th Japan National Socialist Party formed (Katsumaro Akamatsu et al.) Formation of New Japan National Alliance (Yasaburo Shimonaka and others) 5/30 - German Bruning cabinet resignation


6/1 - Tokyo Municipal Komyo Elementary School opened (first special support school for physically handicapped children) June 15 - Bolivia declares war on Paraguay. The Chaco War breaks out. 6/19 - Hirono Golf Club opens 6/24 - Coup d'etat (constitutional revolution) occurred in the Kingdom of Siam (Kingdom of Thailand), transitioning to a constitutional monarchy


July 1 Sobu Line Ochanomizu - Opened between Ryogoku. Connect with Chuo Line Opened a weather station at the top of Mt. Fuji 7/4 - Lytton investigative team visits Japan to investigate the actual situation of the Sino-Japanese dispute July 5 - Porto