May 21, 2022

1942 (1942) is a normal year starting on Thursday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar). Showa 17th year.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Water Horse Japan (dates match) Showa 17 2602 imperial year Manchuria, China (dates match) 31st year of the Republic of China Manchuria, Kangde 9 years Korea (dates match) Dangun 4275 Subject 31 years Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam) (Month and date match) Hodai November 15, 2016-Hodai November 24, 2017 Buddhist calendar: 2484--2485 Islamic calendar: December 13, 1360-December 22, 1361 Jewish calendar: April 12, 5702-April 23, 5703 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 30360 --30724 Lilian Date (LD): 131201 --131565




January 1 Salt passbook distribution / gas usage quota system implemented Yen-denominated official system implemented (exchange rate dollar standard abolished) Declaration by United Nations signed in Washington, D.C. (confirmed sole disagreement with Axis powers) January 2-Japanese troops occupy Manila January 3-Astronaut Masaaki Iinuma, who achieved a sub-European liaison flight on the Kamikaze, was killed in action in Murray (announced) January 8 Anglo-American forces launch attack on Thai city The 1st Daisho Honoring Day January 10-Established Dainippon Film (later Daiei) (Nikkatsu, Shinko Kinema, and Daito Film merged) January 11-Japanese troops land on Celebes Island January 18-Japan-Germany-Italy military agreement signed in Berlin (US West Coast is Japan, US East Coast is Germany-Italy operational area) January 19-Van Imhoff Incident January 20-German leaders decide to kill European Jews (Wannsee Conference) January 23-Japanese troops land in Rabaul January 25-Thailand declares war on Britain and the United States


February 1-Mao Zedong talks about "the problem of cultural people, the problem of our position, and the problem of learning", and the Chinese Communist Party begins the wind-conditioning movement. February 4th Battle of Makassar Java British troops siege Cairo Royal Palace February 9-Japanese troops land in Singapore (Battle of Singapore) February 14-Japanese parachute troops descend to Palembang February 15-Japanese troops defeat Singapore. February 16-Singapore Fall Memorial "Postage Stamps with Defense Donations" for Sale February 19-Exercise "If Day" will be held in Canada. February 19-US President Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066. (Forced detention of Japanese descent) February 20-Battle of Badung Straits February 25-Battle of Los Angeles February 27-Battle of the Java Sea off Surabaya (~ February 28)


March 1st Battle of Sunda Strait Japanese troops land in Java March 5-First air raid warning issued in Tokyo March 6-Ministry of the Navy announces nine people who rushed into Pearl Harbor and died in the war as "Kyugunshin" March 8 Japanese troops occupy Rangoon Japanese troops land in Lae Salamaua, New Guinea March 9 Allied forces in Java surrender (93,000 Dutch and Indian troops, 5,000 British, American and Australian troops) Sukarno launches popular rallying movement March 12-MacArthur escapes from the Philippines to Australia March 14-Establishment of Railway Technical Research Institute March 22-Second Battle of Sidra Bay March 28-Royal Air Force raids Lübeck


April 1st - Established Teikoku Oil (separated from Nippon Oil's mining division) With the enforcement of the Food Control Law, a rice distribution passbook and a dining ticket cafeteria system were established. Rice has become a ration system in effect. April 9-Bataan Death March April 10-Hiroshima Electric Railway established. April 18-16 U.S. Army aircraft launched from aircraft carriers first air raids on Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, etc. (Doolittle raid) April 30-21st House of Representatives general election (wing praise election)


May 1-Japanese troops occupy Burmese Mandalay May 5th Imperial Headquarters orders the capture of the western part of Midway Island and Aleutian Islands British troops land in Madagascar (Madagascar