January 18, 2022

1943 (1943) is a normal year starting on Friday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). Showa 18 years.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yin Water Goat Japan (dates match) Showa 18 2603 imperial year Manchuria, China (dates match) 32nd year of the Republic of China Manchuria, Kangde 10 years Korea Dangun 4276 Subject 32 years Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam) Hodai November 25, 2017-Hodai December 5, 2018 Buddhist calendar: 2485-248 Islamic calendar: December 23, 1361-January 4, 1363 Jewish calendar: April 24, 5703-April 4, 5704 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 30725 --31089 Lilian Date (LD): 131566 --131930




January 1-Tokyo Nichi Nichi Shimbun and Osaka Mainichi Shimbun unify the title to "Mainichi Shimbun". January 2-Japanese troops annihilated in Beech, New Guinea. January 7-The first broadcast of "Evening to the Front" by the Japan Broadcasting Corporation. January 11-Britain and the United States abandon their leasehold rights in the Republic of China occupied by Japan at the time and return them to China (Chongqing National Government) (excluding the Kowloon Peninsula adjacent to Hong Kong, which was handed over to the United Kingdom). .. January 14-Casablanca Conference between US President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (until 24th). January 15-Pentagon, US Department of Defense office, goes into service. January 16-Tsutenkaku (first generation) in Osaka City is hit by a fire. Due to the fact that it was during the war, the building was not restored and was demolished from February 20th of the same year. Steel frames have become military materials.


February 1 Withdrawal of Japanese troops from Guadalcanal Island (implemented on the 4th and 7th thereafter). Regulations on the use of electricity and lamps begin. Five inexhaustible companies in Kagawa Prefecture merged to establish Kagawa Inexhaustible (later Kagawa Bank). February 2-Germany 6th Army, surrounded by Soviet troops (Red Army), surrenders during the Battle of Stalingrad. February 11-US General Dwight D. Eisenhower appointed commander of the Allied Forces in Europe. February 13-Notice of "Warrior Implementation Guidelines" by the Japanese Baseball League. February 18 Members of the "White Rose" movement are arrested by the Nazis. German Minister of Public Engagement Goebbels declares a total war in a speech given at the Sportpalast in Berlin (sportpalast speech). February 23-Distribution of 50,000 posters "Shoot and stop" by the Imperial Japanese Army.


March 1-Shizuoka Bank is established by the merger of Shizuoka 35 Bank and Enshu Bank. March 2 Promulgation of revision of the Military Service Law, enforced on August 1. Expulsion of hostile words: Baseball terms (strikes, balls, etc.) are fully translated into Japanese. March 4-The 15th Academy Awards Ceremony in the United States. "Mrs. Miniver" won 6 categories including Best Work Award. March 6-A large fire broke out in Nunobukuroza, Kutchan-cho, Hokkaido. March 10-Banco Bradesco, a major Brazilian bank, was founded in São Paulo. March 12-Promulgation of Petroleum Monopoly Law March 15-Osaka University of Commerce, Professor Nawa Toichi and others arrested for violating the Peace Preservation Law (Osaka University of Commerce Incident) March 18-Promulgation of the Wartime Administrative Special Law, including the strengthening of the prime minister's authority, and the special wartime administrative authority March 25-Japan's first domestically produced animated feature film "Momotaro no Umiwashi" will be released. March 27-Mitsui and Daiichi Bank merge to establish Imperial Bank. March 30-Building evacuation (designated as an empty area to prevent the spread of fire during air raids in overcrowded areas of Tokyo and Osaka) March 31-The musical "Oklahoma!" Will be premiered on Broadway in New York, USA.


April 1-Imperial Bank is established. April 3-Chinese Poon Lim, a British Merchant Marine, is attacked by a German submarine in the South Atlantic 130.

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