November 28, 2021

1944 (1944) is a leap year starting on Saturday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). Showa 19th year.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Wood Monkey Japan (dates match) Showa 19 2604 imperial year Manchuria, China (dates match) Republic of China calendar: 33 years Manchuria, Kangde 11 years Korea (dates match) Dangun 4277 33 years of subject Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam) Hodai December 6, 18-Hodai November 17, 19 Buddhist calendar: 2486-2487 Islamic calendar: January 5, 1363-January 15, 1364 Jewish calendar: April 5, 5704-April 15, 5705 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 31090 --31455 Lilian Date (LD): 131931 --132296



Austrian Hans Asperger confirms autistic cases without intellectual disability. (Asperger's syndrome) Forming the Anti-Fascist People's Freedom Federation in Burma


January 2-US troops land on Cape Geumbi on New Guinea January 4-Start of the Battle of Monte Cassino January 7-Imperial Headquarters approves Operation Imphal January 14-Soviet troops launch offensive in Leningrad and Novgorod January 15-Earthquake in San Juan, Argentina January 17-Italian British troops cross the Galigriano River January 20-British air raid on Berlin. Dropped a 2,300 ton bomb January 22-Allied operations start single operation January 24 The Imperial Headquarters orders Operation Ichi-Go Prohibition of planting non-urgent crops such as watermelon and melon January 26-First evacuation order in Tokyo and Nagoya (forced demolition of buildings) January 27-Soviet troops release Leningrad city January 29 Editors of "Chuo Koron" and "Remodeling" are arrested (Yokohama case) Battle of Cisterna January 30-US troops invade Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands January 31-US troops land on Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands


February --Tokyo Fire, Teikoku Kaijo, and Daiichi Kaikan merged to establish Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance (currently Sompo Japan). February 1-Kagoshima Bank established due to bank merger in Kagoshima Prefecture February 3-US troops occupy the Marshall Islands February 4-Fully strengthened military education at universities and technical colleges February 7-Italian troops start counterattack in Anzio February 10-Formation of Haiyuza Theater Company February 15-US troops bomb the Monte Cassino monastery February 17 U.S. military air raid on Truck Island Battle of Eniwetok begins February 23-Bamboo spear incident February 25-Cabinet decision on emergency measures for decisive battle February 29-US troops occupy the Admiralty Islands (Operation Brewer)


March 3-Government announces three principles (national school school lunch, increase in food production using open space, promotion of evacuation) March 4-Final performance before the Takarazuka Revue holiday (fans flooded and police officers pulled out and organized) March 5-The waiting teahouse, bar, and restaurant will be closed due to the decisive battle emergency measures outline. March 6-Evening is abolished in newspapers nationwide March 8-Japanese Army Launches Operation Imphal March 10-Tokyo Metropolitan Government establishes vacant lot utilization headquarters (wartime farming, Shinobazu Pond also in paddy fields) March 12-Heavy snowfall in Miyako, Iwate Prefecture (164 dead, 209 completely destroyed) March 18-German troops occupy the Kingdom of Hungary (Operation Margarethe I) March 20-Tokio Marine Fire Insurance Company established (Tokio Marine, Mitsubishi Marine Fire, and Meiji Fire merged) March 23-Established Dowa Fire & Marine March 27-First evacuation train (from Ueno at night to Joetsu, Joban, Tohoku) March 31 Admiral Koga Mineichi, Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Fleet, is in the line of duty (Navy B incident) (announced April 5) Dissolution of Shochiku Girl Opera Company (formation of Shochiku Geino Headquarters Women's Volunteer Corps) Japanese troops start offensive in central and southern China.


April 1-Travel restrictions tightened April 1-World War II: US troops accidentally bomb Schaffhausen in neutral Switzerland, killing 40 people. (World War II

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