August 13, 2022

1946 (1946 Nen) is a common year starting on Tuesday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). 1946. This section lists the ones that received international attention.

Other chronology

Chinese Zodiac: Hinoe Dog Japan (month and day match) 1946 Imperial era 2606 China (month and day match) 35th year of the republic of china calendar Korea (month and day match) Main body 35 years Butsumetsu: 2488-2489 Islamic calendar: January 27, 1365 - February 7, 1366 Jewish calendar: April 28, 5706 - April 8, 5707 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 31821 - 32185 Lilius Day (LD): 132662 - 133026




January 1 Imperial Rescript (So-called Emperor Showa's Manifesto) : The first Imperial Rescript with dakuten and punctuation. Political Consultative Conference in Chongqing, Republic of China US-Soviet summit in Seoul Banque de France nationalized 1/3 - Tomisaka police station attack case January 4th GHQ: Order to Dismantle Ultranationalist Groups (SCAPIN-548 Abolition of certain political parties, associations, societies, and other organizations) GHQ: SCAPIN-550, Removal and exclusion of personnel form public office Osamu Tezuka's "Diary of Maachan" begins serialization (Shonokumin Shimbun) 1/5 - Expulsion of public officials: Cabinet/bureaucrats collapsed, and elections for the House of Representatives, which was dissolved in December of the previous year, cannot be held in February, the statutory deadline. 1/9 - Ikuta Police Station Raid Case (2nd) 30-40 Koreans invade the station with the aim of recapturing the arrested gambling group, and suppress it with the cooperation of the Occupation Army. 1/10 - United Nations General Assembly 1st held (- 12/14) January 12th GHQ: Instructed to set House of Representatives general election after March 15 (SCAPIN-584, Election) Sanzo Nosaka returns to Hakata from Yan'an. 1/12 - United Nations Security Council 1st meeting January 13 - Tobacco "Peace" released 1/15 - GHQ: Take over the 1st and 2nd class cabins of the Seikan Ferry January 18 - Emperor Kumazawa, who claims to be a descendant of the Southern Court, comes forward and becomes a hot topic. January 19th General MacArthur orders the establishment of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East NHK "Nodo Jiman Amateur Concert" (later NHK Nodo Jiman) started broadcasting January 21st Liberal Party announces outline of constitutional amendment GHQ: Order to abolish licensed prostitution (SCAPIN-642, Abolition of licensed prostitution in Japan) 1/23 - Shrine main office established 1/24 - Shichijo police station raid incident, rushed to the police over the investigation of black rice, and about 700 Koreans in front of Kyoto station in a big brawl with Takuya and Gamblers. 1/28 - GHQ: Order movie censorship (SCAPIN-658, Motion picture censorship) 1/30 - Establishment of the Japan Journalists Federation (Katsumi Listening, Tomin Suzuki, Shinnosuke Abe, etc.) 1/31 - British forces start stationing in Japan Unknown - Akihabara Electric Town opened as a stall.


February 1 Implementation of the first agricultural land reform Military pension suspended (restored in 1953) 2/2 - British Commonwealth Forces start stationing in Japan February 3rd General MacArthur instructs the GHQ Civil Administration Bureau on the three principles of the Constitution. The Tonghua Incident occurred and many Japanese living in China were killed. 2/5 - Shigeru Nanbara, president of Tokyo Imperial University, declares that he will open the door to women at the Imperial University Presidents' Conference. 2/8 - The government officially submits the Constitutional Revision Outline (Matsumoto Draft) to GHQ February 11th Full text of the secret Yalta Agreement released The predecessor of the Minato Shimbun and the Yamaguchi Shimbun, Seibu Fisheries Bulletin, is published. 2/13 - GHQ: Reject Matsumoto's draft constitutional revision and hand over the GHQ draft 2/14 - The Progressive Party announces the outline of the constitutional amendment February 17 - Government announces "deposit blockade" February 19th Emperor visits Kanagawa Prefecture Formation of the National Committee for Buraku Liberation 2/20 - The Soviet Union declares possession of the Kuril Islands and Karafuto 2/22 - George F. Kennan, Counselor of the US Embassy in Moscow, sent a "long telegram" to his home country February 23rd Former Army General Tomoyuki Yamashita hanged Socialist Party announces outline of constitutional revision bill February 24�