May 21, 2022

1948 (1948) is a leap year starting on Thursday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar). 1948. This section describes 1948 from an international perspective.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Earth Rat Japan (dates match) 1948 2608 imperial year China (dates match) 37th year of the Republic of China Korea / Korea (dates match) South Korea 30 years Dangun 4281 37 years of subject Buddhist calendar: 2490-2491 Islamic calendar: February 18, 1367-February 29, 1368 Jewish calendar: April 19, 5708-March 29, 5709 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 32551 --32916 Lilian Date (LD): 133392 --133757




January 1 Nationalization of railways in the UK (establishment of British national railways) Enforcement of the Constitution of Italy General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) comes into effect Benelux Customs Union enters into force January 4th Resuming international calls between Japan and the United States Burma (later Myanmar) becomes independent from England January 6-US Army Secretary Royal states "make Japan a barrier to communism" January 8-Captain Mantel incident occurs. January 17-Dutch army and Indonesian independence forces ceasefire on Java January 22-British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin makes a speech in the British House of Representatives. Advocating the formation of the "Western Union" January 30 The opening of the St. Moritz Olympics (-February 8) Mahatma Gandhi assassination January 31-Federation of Malaya established [1]


February 1-Soviet Union Launches Interfering Broadcasts Against Voice of America February 4-Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) becomes independent as Dominion in the Commonwealth of Nations February 10-Zhdanov criticism begins in the Soviet Union February 16 Uranus's moon Miranda is discovered February 25-Successful Soviet-backed communist coup in Czechoslovakia (February of victory)


March 8-US Supreme Court rulings unconstitutional on Christian education in public schools March 17 United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Luxembourg conclude Brussels Treaty against the Soviet Union (predecessor of NATO) Founded Hells Angels in California, USA March 20-First election in Singapore March 23-International Trade Organization (ITO) Charter signed in Havana, Cuba's capital March 25-Firing squad executed by Yoshiko Kawashima on suspicion of Hanjian March 31-US House of Representatives Passes Foreign Assistance Bill (Marshall Plan), Includes $ 5.3 Billion in Assistance to 16 Countries


April 1st Soviet Union tightens land traffic regulations between western Germany and West Berlin April 2-The US House of Representatives and the House of Representatives vote on a draft adjustment of the Foreign Assistance Law. The Senate voted orally in favor of many. House of Representatives agrees 318 votes, disagrees 75 votes April 3 US President Truman signs the Marshall Plan Jeju 4/3 incident. Jeju Islanders who do not approve the Republic of Korea uprising April 7-World Health Organization (WHO) established April 9-Arab massacre by Jewish terrorist organization (Deir Yassin massacre) April 9-Liberal leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitan is assassinated and riots occur in Colombia (Bogotazo riot) April 13-Hadassah Medical Worker Massacre April 16-The 3rd European Reconstruction Conference is held in Paris. 16 participating countries of the Committee of European Economic Co-operation (CEEC) and Western Germany sign the Organization for European Economic Co-operation (OEEC) Treaty April 18-General elections held in Italy. Christian democracy wins April 19 Burma (now Myanmar) joins the United Nations American Broadcasting Company (ABC) Launches Television Broadcasting April 30-US Atomic Bomb Test at Enewetak Atoll (San.