August 8, 2022

1955 (1955 Nen) is a common year starting on Saturday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). 1955.

Other chronology

Zodiac: Kinoto Sheep Japan (month and day match) 1955 Imperial Year 2615 Republic of China (month and day match) 44th year of the republic of china calendar Korea, South Korea (month and day are the same) Danki 4288 Main body 44 years Butsumetsu: 2497-2498 Islamic calendar: May 7, 1374 - May 16, 1375 Jewish calendar: April 7, 5715 - April 16, 5716 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 35108 - 35472 Lilius Day (LD): 135949 - 136313




1/1 - Toyota Motor released "Crown", and at the same time "Toyopet Master" also appeared. 1/2 - "Nylon rope cutting incident" occurred at Maehotakadake 1/4 - Japan and the United States will exchange notes that the United States will pay 200 million dollars in compensation for bikini damage. 1/10 - Nissan Motor released "Datsun 110" (the origin of "Bluebird" released in 1959, and "Datsun 210" was also released in October 1957). 1/20 - JNR Iida Line train falls into Tenryu Valley, killing more than 30 people (Iida Line train fall accident) 1/24 - House of Representatives dissolution (heavenly voice dissolution)


2/4 - Explosion accident at the construction site of Akiba Dam in Shizuoka Prefecture. 19 dead, many injured. (Akiba Dam Dynamite Explosion Accident) 2/8 -Soviet Prime Minister Malenkov resigned. Japan-Turkey trade agreement concluded. 2/11 - Daily Sports published the Tokyo version, and at the same time, the publisher of the same paper was spun off from Kobe Shimbun, establishing Daily Sports Co., Ltd. (Merged with Kobe Shimbun on March 2010, 3 and dissolved). 2/14 - Britain announces the start of hydrogen bomb production 2/17 - Fire at Our Lady's Orphanage in Yokohama City (99 victims) 2/21 - Nishinippon Shimbun launched "West Japan Sports". 2/26 - Sankei Shimbun launched "Sankei Sports". 2/27 - 27th House of Representatives General Election Vote (19584/25 dissolution (Dissolution of discussion))


3/1 -Snow Brand Yakumo factory Skim milk powder food poisoning incident 3/2 - Third Seitoku Maru attack incident 3/18 - 22nd special Diet convened (closed on 7/30). The TAISEI MARU, a training ship from the Nautical Training Institute, returned to Japan with 5,889 remains of Japanese soldiers in the South Pacific region and four former Japanese soldiers on board. 3/19 - 2nd Ichiro Hatoyama Cabinet launched.


4/1 - "Aichi Prefecture Smile!" Started (still on air as of 2014). 4/1 - Radio Tokyo TV (currently TBS TV) opened April 7 Established Eidensha (later EIDEN, now EDION) Churchill to retire as British Prime Minister Anthony Eden 4/11 - Establishment of Nuclear Power Division in Ministry of International Trade and Industry 4/16 - A large-scale slag heap accident (Abe mining slag heap accident) occurred in a coal mine in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture (68 victims) April 18 - Asia-Africa Conference held in Bandung, Indonesia 4/21 - Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Shin-Keisei Line between Hatsutomi and Matsudo opens, and the entire line opens.


May 1st Dainippon Stationery released "Pentel Crayon". Olympus releases "Olympus 35S" ("Olympus Wide" is also released in September). May 5 - West Germany declares full sovereignty restored 5/11 - Shiunmaru accident (168 victims) May 14th Formation of the Warsaw Pact, escalation of the Cold War A bus carrying students on a school trip fell off a bridge in Iwate Prefecture, killing 12 people. (Kitakami bus fall accident) 5/20 - The predecessor terminal building of Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) opens. 5/21 -Director Ichiro Kishi resigned due to an internal conflict within Hanshin, and Fumio Fujimura returned to coach as a player. 5/25 - Kojien first edition published (Iwanami Shoten) May 27 - Helen Keller