August 8, 2022

1962 (1962 Nen) is a common year starting on Monday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). 1962.

Other chronology

Chinese Zodiac: Mizunoe Tora Japan (month and day match) 1962 Imperial era 2622 Republic of China (month and day match) republic of china year 51 Korea (month and day match) Main body 51 years. Danki was enacted in the Republic of Korea in 1948, but it was abolished from this year and replaced with the Gregorian calendar. Butsumetsu: 2504-2505 Islamic calendar: July 24, 1381 - August 4, 1382 Jewish calendar: April 25, 5722 - April 4, 5723 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 37665 - 38029 Lilius Day (LD): 138506 - 138870




January 1 Western Samoa becomes independent from New Zealand. The United States Navy formed a special unit, the Navy SEALs, as part of its countermeasures against the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War. 1/9 -Trade agreement comes into effect between Cuba and the Soviet Union. 1/10 - A large-scale avalanche occurred at Mount Huascaran, Peru, killing more than 4000 people. 1/11 - Chinese Communist Party "Seven Thousand People Convention" opens, Chairman Mao Zedong admits the failure of the Great Leap Forward policy and criticizes himself. 1/12 - Indonesian army begins military operations in Irian Jaya. 1/22 - Organization of American States, Cuba's membership status suspended. 1/24 - The East German government revived the conscription system.


February 1 Permanent population of Tokyo surpasses 10 million (becomes the world's first city with 10 million people). Established Tone Coca-Cola Bottling (company name at the time: Tone Beverage). Kao Soap launches Japan's first household softener, Kao Softer (renamed to Humming in 1966). 2/3 - US President Kennedy orders a total embargo on Cuba. 2/5 - Charles de GaulleFrancePresident,AlgeriaIntention to recognize independence. 2/7 - West GermanyLuisenthal Coal MineExplosion accident caused by methane gas, 299 people died. 2/8 - US Military Aid Command launched. 2/10 - In Berlin, the American soldier Francis Gary Powers, who was detained by the Soviet Union in the U-2 shooting down incident, and the Soviet Union's Spieldorf Abel, who was imprisoned in the United States, are released by exchange. 2/20 -United StatesMercury ProjectLaunched as part of the spacecraftFriendship 7John Glen, who boarded, recorded the country's first spacecraft circumnavigating the earth. February 23rd Twelve Western European countries jointly establish the European Space Agency. Toyo Kogyo released "Carol 360". Unknown date - Dissolution of the Commonwealth of the West Indies. Date unknown - Soviet-Czech pipeline completed.


March 1st The number of TV subscribers in Japan exceeded 10 million (48.5% penetration rate). American Airlines Flight 1 crash. Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. launches a health drink, Lipovitan D. 3/2 - A military coup occurred in Burma, and Ne Win took over the real power. 3/7 - A fire engine falls into the Azuma Valley. Six firefighters died. The firefighter who was driving was drunk and unlicensed. March 8-12 - Negotiations between the French government and the Algerian National Liberation Front in Geneva, Switzerland. 3/15 - Established Yellow Hat. 3/18 - Evian Agreement concluded. The next day, the Algerian War ended. 3/19 - Bob Dylan record debut. 3/26 - Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. released the mini passenger car "Fronte". The original car name was "Suzulight Fronte".


4/1 - Nagoya Broadcasting (currently Nagoya Television Broadcasting ) opened. 4/7 - Tochigi/Sakushin Gakuin High School won the 34th Selected High School Baseball Tournament for the first time. April 10 - California, USA