May 21, 2022

1965 (1965) is a normal year starting on Friday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar). 1965.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yin Wood Snake Japan (dates match) 1965 2625 imperial year Republic of China (dates match) 54th year of the Republic of China Korea (dates match) Subject 54 years Buddhist calendar: 2507--2508 Islamic calendar: August 27, 1384-September 8, 1385 Jewish calendar: April 27, 5725-April 8, 5726 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 38761 --39125 Lilian Date (LD): 139602 --139966




January 1-Chunichi Shimbun renamed the title to Chunichi Shimbun. January 7-CONEFO formed. January 13-Prime Minister Eisaku Sato visits the United States. January 20-Japan Airlines releases package tour "JALPAK". January 21-Indonesia leaves the United Nations (returns to the United Nations the following year).


February 1 The Socialist Party and the general commentary system split from the Haramizukyo, and the Japan Council against Atomic Bombs (Japan Council against Atomic Bombs) was formed. Otsuka Pharmaceutical releases "Oronamin C Drink". February 7-US military bombing of North Vietnam (Northern bombing) begins. February 14-All Nippon Airways freighter Douglas DC-3 disappeared while cruising over Shizuoka Prefecture after taking off from Osaka International Airport. It was later discovered that it had crashed, but the aircraft was discovered 22 months later, and was far from the search area (All Nippon Airways disappearance accident). February 21-US, black movement leader Malcolm X is assassinated. February 22-A gas explosion at the Yubari Mining Plant kills 61 people.


March 1-Kokura Airport (later Kitakyushu Airport) opens. March 6-Sanyo Special Steel goes bankrupt. March 8-US Marine Corps landing in Da Nang. March 10-Mt. Fuji radar observation started. March 14-The wildcat, whose writer Yukio Togawa discovered the skull and fur on Iriomote Island, Okinawa, was identified as a new species. Named "Iriomote cat". March 15-Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly members are arrested on suspicion of bribery over the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly chairman election. Since then, on April 16, 17 members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, including the incumbent chairman, will be arrested and prosecuted, including a separately discovered bribery charge related to permits. March 18-Lt. Col. Alexei Leonov of the Soviet Union performs the first spacewalk for humankind. March 19-Ninben releases "Tsuyu no Moto". March 20-Toyota Motor releases "Sport 800". March 21-Shiseido releases "Sun Oil". March 24 Nissan Motor releases "Silvia". Due to the enactment of the River Act, the Arakawa Flood Bypass became the main stream of the Arakawa River, and along with this, the name of the old Arakawa River Channel became "Sumidagawa", which was a popular name downstream from the Shirahige Bridge area. March 28-A major earthquake struck Chile. March 29-Kirin Brewery launches "Pull Top Canned Beer" and spreads to the beverage industry.


April-Major newspapers suspend the publication of Sunday evening editions. April 1st The first domestic passenger aircraft, the YS-11, goes into service. TEPCO started a bank account transfer system for electricity charges. Sanpei Sato's four-frame manga "Fuji Santaro" has been serialized in the evening edition of the Asahi Shimbun. April 5-NHK General TV starts broadcasting "Studio 102" (ends March 1980). April 24 Opposing the North Bomb in the United States, Minoru Oda and others formed the "Beheiren" (Beheiren). The National Council of Social Welfare conducts a children's playground inspection campaign and requests the enhancement of safe playgrounds.


May 1-Fuji TV starts broadcasting "Hiroshi Ogawa Show" (ends March 1982). May 3-The National Radio Network (NRN), which consists of commercial radio stations such as Nippon Cultural Broadcasting and Nippon Broadcasting System, was established. May 9-Japan Ice Cream Association held in Tokyo the previous year.