November 28, 2021

1968 (1968) is a leap year starting on Monday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). Showa 43. This section describes 1968 from an international perspective.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Earth Monkey Japan (dates match) Showa 43 2628 imperial year Republic of China (dates match) 57th year of the Republic of China Korea (dates match) 57 years of subject Buddhist calendar: October 2, 2510-October 12, 2511 Islamic calendar: September 30, 1387-October 10, 1388 Jewish calendar: March 30, 5728-April 10, 5729 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 39856 --40221 Lilian Date (LD): 140697 --141062




January 4-The date used as the basis for Japan's Tokyo Stock Price Index (TOPIX). January 5-Alexander Dubček becomes First Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in the Czech Republic, and the spring of Prague begins. January 9-Kokichi Tsuburaya commits suicide. January 16-British Prime Minister Wilson announces austerity policy. Also announced the withdrawal of British troops east of Suez until 1971. January 17-US Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier Enterprise Port Call Prevention Struggle Begins in Japan. January 21-US Air Force B52 crashes off Greenland, four hydrogen bombs missing. January 21-Attempted attack on the Blue House. January 23-North Korea, Pueblo incident. January 27-Japanese Prime Minister Eisaku Sato touches on the Three Non-Nuclear Principles in the Diet response. January 30-In the Vietnam War, South Vietnam's communist guerrillas uprising and Tet Offensive begins. January 31-Nauru Independence.


February 6-The Grenoble Olympic Games begin. Held for 12 days until February 17th. February 12-The massacre of Phong Ny Phong Nhat. February 12-Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd. releases the world's first commercial retort pouch food "Bon Curry". February 15-Second after the war with a 1967 US balance of payments deficit of 3.57 billion yen. February 16-Soviet Union declares continental shelf sovereignty. February 22-Established Okinawa Coca-Cola Bottling. As a result, the bottler network of Coca-Cola Japan will be completed, and Coca-Cola products will be released all over Japan. February 25-Vietnam War: Hami Massacre February 29-US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara resigns.


March 1-Hattori Clock Shop (now Seiko) releases "Transistor Clock". March 16-Songmi village massacre. March 18-Nissan Motor launches "Cabstar". March 27-Astronaut Yuri Gagarin crashes and dies during flight training for a jet fighter. March 31-United States President Lyndon Johnson announces partial suspension of the North Bomb in the Vietnam War. At the same time, he expressed his intention not to run for the presidential election in the same year in order to concentrate on the measures against the Vietnam War.


April 1-Inauguration of the "International Federation for Victory and Coalition" in Japan (January 13 in South Korea). Osami Kuboki, the first president of the Unification Church, is the chairman, and Ryoichi Sasakawa is the honorary chairman. April 4-Assassination of Martin Luther King. April 8-Nissan Motor launches "Laurel". April 12-Kasumigaseki Building, Japan's first skyscraper, is completed in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Height 147 meters. April 15-Toyota Motor launches "Sprinter" (initially named "Corolla Sprinter". At the same time, Toyota Auto store was established as Toyota's fourth dealer. "Hilux" was launched on the same day). April 15-Sony announces "Trinitron Color TV" (released in October). April 24-Mauritius joins the United Nations. April 29-The musical "Hair" begins at the Builtmore Theater on Broadway, New York.


May 8-Itai-itai disease is polluted.

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