October 25, 2021

1990 is a normal year starting on Monday according to the Gregorian calendar. 1990. This section describes 1990 from an international perspective.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Metal Horse Japan (dates match) 1990 2650 imperial year Republic of Korea (dates match) Republic of Korea 72 years Dangun 4323 Republic of China (dates match) Republic of China 79 years Democratic People's Republic of Korea (dates match) Subject 79 years Buddhist calendar: 2532-2533 Islamic calendar: June 3, 1410-June 13, 1411 Jewish calendar: April 4, 5750-April 14, 5751 UNIX time: 631152000 --6662687999 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 47892 --48256 Lilian Date (LD): 148733 --149097




January 3-General Manuel Noriega, Panama, appears at US authorities and is arrested. He was transferred to the United States the next day. January 7-The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, is closed for restoration. January 10-Time Inc. and Warner Communications Inc. merge to form Time Warner. January 11-300,000 people participate in independent request demonstration in Lithuania. January 13-The first African-American Governor is born in Virginia, United States. January 20-More than 130 people are killed and more than 700 injured in a clash between Soviet regular army forces and armed residents in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, the Soviet Union. January 20-Space Shuttle Columbia returns to Edwards Air Force Base, California. January 29-Former State Council Chairman Erich Honecker, East Germany, is arrested by the East German prosecutor's office. January 30-Transportation Minister Takami Eto talks with the Sanrizuka-Shibayama Union Airport Opposition Alliance (Atsuta faction) (Narita Airport Problem). January 31-The country's first McDonald's opens in Moscow, the Soviet Union.


February 2-Frederik Willem de Clark, President of South Africa, announces legalization of the African National Congress and at the same time pledges to release Nelson Mandela. February 11-Nelson Mandela released from prison in Cape Town for the first time in 27 years. February 11-Mike Tyson loses 10 KOs to James Douglas at Tokyo Dome and falls from the WBA / WBC / IBF World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship. February 14-The Rolling Stones' first performance in Japan. February 14-Space probe Voyager 1 takes the first photo of the solar system. February 15-Britain and Argentina recover diplomatic relations for the first time in eight years since the Falklands War. February 15-Latvia declares independence from the Soviet Union. Lithuania on March 11th and Estonia on March 30th also declared independence. February 19-Nissan Motor announces "Primera" in Japan and Europe at the same time. February 26-Soviet Union announces complete withdrawal from Czechoslovakia by July 1991.


March 3-Paul McCartney's first performance in Japan. March 15-Soviet Union chairman Mikhail Gorbachev becomes first president. On the same day, the Soviet Union announced that the Lithuanian Declaration of Independence was invalid. March 18-First free elections in East Germany. (1990 East German General Election) March 20-Former Philippine Presidential Lady Imelda Marcos is accused of bribery and embezzlement. March 21-Africa's last colony, Namibia, becomes independent of South Africa. March 31-Poll tax protests riot in London, injuring 471 and arresting 341.


April 8-158 people were killed in a fire on a large passenger ship "Scandinavian Star" heading from Norway to Denmark. April 13-Soviet government announces Katyn Massacre

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