year 1991


August 8, 2022

1991 (1991 Nen) is a common year starting on Tuesday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). 1991. The year marked a major turning point in world history as the Soviet Union collapsed. This item describes 1991 based on an international perspective.

Other chronology

Zodiac: Kanoto Sheep Japan (month and day match) 1991 Imperial year 2651 Republic of Korea (month and day match) Republic of Korea 73 years Danki 4324 Republic of China (month and day match) republic of china calendar 80 years Democratic People's Republic of Korea (month and day match) 80 years of main body Butsumetsu: 2533-2534 Islamic calendar: June 14, 1411 - June 24, 1412 Jewish calendar: April 15, 5751 - April 24, 5752 UNIX time: 662688000 - 694223999 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 48257 - 48621 Lilius Day (LD): 149098 - 149462




1/13 - Soviet Union military intervention in Lithuania (Bloody Sunday Incident). 1/17 - The Gulf War broke out due to the start of the multinational army's air strike on Iraq. January 17 - Harald V ascends to the throne as King of Norway after the death of Olaf V. 1/24 - The Japanese government decided to provide additional support of 11 billion yen to the multinational army.


2/9 - Lithuania's referendum on independence will be held. 2/9 - An accident occurred at the Mihama Nuclear Power Plant of Kansai Electric Power Company in Fukui Prefecture, where the reactor automatically stopped. 2/27 - Multinational forces, Kuwait liberation.


March 1 – Action begins on Sam Houston under the Nuclear Ship Reuse Program. March 1 - Clayton Keith Yeiter resigns as United States Secretary of Agriculture. March 3 - Rodney King assault case 3/3 - United Airlines Flight 585 crash occurred. 3/25-Singapore Airlines hijacking incident from Malaysia to Singapore 3/26 - Frog Boy Incident


4/6 - Iraq accepts the ceasefire recommendation of the United Nations Security Council (effective on 4/11). 4/16 - Mikhail GorbachevSoviet PresidentVisit Japan(- April 19)(First visit to Japan as the head of the Soviet Union). 4/26 - Maritime Self-Defense ForcePersian Gulf minesweeping dispatch unit departs (the first overseas dispatch of the Self-Defense Force).


5/21 - Rajiv GandhiFormer Indian Prime MinisterAssassination. May 29 - Eritrea declares independence from Ethiopia (independence was granted in 1993). 5/31 - Asian Development Bank (ADB) has moved its headquarters from the Pasay area in the Metro Manila area to the Mandaluyol area. The former headquarters building was occupied by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.


6/15 -IOC1998Winter OlympicsThe venue is decided in Nagano City. 6/17 - South AfricaAbolish the Population Registration LawApartheid is legally abolished. 6/20 - Germany, decision to move the capital to Berlin. 6/23 - Mazda 787B, the first Japanese car to win the Le Mans 24-hour race overall. 6/25 - Slovenia and Croatia,YugoslaviaDeclaration of independence(9/8, Macedonia Republic Declaration of Independence). 6/27 - Slovenia, ten-day war broke out (Ended on July 8, Slovenia declared victory). 6/28 - Mutual Economic Aid Conference (Comecon) dissolved.


7/1 - Dismantling of the Warsaw Pact. 7/9 - IOC approves South Africa's return to the Olympic Games. 7/11 -CanadaNorris Air Charter FlightDC-8 aircraftJeddah King Abdul Aziz International Airport inSaudi ArabiaCrashed immediately after takeoff, killing all 261 passengers and crew. This aircraft is a former Japan Airlines JA8057. 7/15 - London summit opening. July 31 - George H.W.