the year 1995


May 20, 2022

1995 (1995) is a normal year starting on Sunday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar). 1995. This section describes 1995 from an international perspective.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yin Wood Pig Japan (dates match) 1995 2655 imperial year Republic of Korea (dates match) Republic of Korea 77 years Dangun 4328 Republic of China (dates match) Republic of China 84 years Democratic People's Republic of Korea (dates match) Subject 84 years Buddhist calendar: 2537-2538 Islamic calendar: July 29, 1415-August 8, 1416 Jewish calendar: April 29, 5755-April 8, 5756 UNIX time: 788918400 --820454399 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 49718 -50082 Lilian Date (LD): 150559 --150923




January 1-Austria, Finland and Sweden join the EU. January 1-World Trade Organization (WTO) is established. January 1-In South Korea, 33 cities such as Gunsan City (Gunsan City + Iomizo County) were established as a city of metropolitan agriculture due to the merger of cities and counties. Renamed the city under direct control to a metropolitan city. January 17-Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake (Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake) occurred.


February 15-Kevin Mitnick is arrested by the FBI for breaking into the most secure system in the United States. February 15-Ada's ISO standard revision. Ada will be the first internationally standardized object-oriented language in history. February 26-Barings Bank, UK goes bankrupt.


March 20-Subway sarin attack occurs.


April 7-Warsaw Metro opens. April 9-Re-election of President Alberto Fujimori of Peru. April 19-Oklahoma City Federal Government Building Bombing Incident.


May 7-Jacques Chirac won the French presidential election. May 8-Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng dies of bronchial asthma in her destination, Thailand. May 23-Java is announced. May 28-The Neftegorsk earthquake struck.


June 15-Canada Halifax Summit. June 16-International Olympic Committee decides Salt Lake City to host the 2002 Winter Olympics June 24-South Africa wins the Rugby World Cup 1995. June 29-The Sampoong Department Store in Seoul, South Korea collapses, killing 502 people.


July 10-Myanmar's military government announces the lifting of house arrest for Aung San Suu Kyi, which has been ongoing since 1989. July launches service. July 17-Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, USA, celebrates its 40th anniversary. July 19-Japan's comfort women issue: Asian Women's Fund for Peace launched. July 29-Vietnam officially joins ASEAN.


August 5-Normalization of diplomatic relations with Vietnam and the United States. August 25-Microsoft releases English version of Windows 95.


September 4-Okinawa U.S. soldier girl assault case September 5-French, forced nuclear test in South Pacific


October 4-TV anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" begins broadcasting. October 6-A planet is discovered on 51 Pegasi. It is the first exoplanet discovered. October 9-Train derails in the Arizona desert. One person died and other damage was caused.


November 16-Korean Supreme Prosecutor's Office arrests former President Roh Tae-woo. November 20-The Beatles announces a new song "Free As A Bird" at the same time worldwide for the first time in 25 years. November 23-Microsoft releases Japanese version of Windows 95.


December 3-Korean Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office arrests former President Chun Doo-hwan. December 20-American Airlines Flight 965 crash occurred.


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