Year 1999


May 19, 2022

1999 (1999) is a normal year starting on Friday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar). 1999. It is the last year of the 1000s, 1900s and 1990s. This section describes 1999 from an international perspective.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yin Earth Rabbit Japan (dates match) 1999 Imperial year 2659 Republic of Korea (dates match) Republic of Korea 81 Dangun 4332 Republic of China (dates match) Republic of China 88 years Democratic People's Republic of Korea (dates match) Subject 88 years Buddhist calendar: 2541-2542 Islamic calendar: September 13, 1419-September 23, 1420 Jewish calendar: April 13, 5759-April 22, 5760 UNIX time: 915148800 --946684799 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 51179 --51543 Lilian Date (LD): 152020 --152384




January 1-Euro will be introduced as a currency for interbank transactions in 11 member countries of the European Union. January 7-US Senate begins impeachment trial against President Clinton. January 25-M6.2 earthquake in Colombia. 1900 dead (Colombia Quindio earthquake).


February 1-Established oneworld, the airline alliance. February 7-King Hussein of Jordan dies.


March 23-A suspicious ship was found in the Sea of ​​Japan, and although threatening shooting was carried out, he fled to the port of Chongjin in North Korea. (Suspicious ship off the coast of Noto Peninsula). March 24-NATO troops bomb Yugoslavia on June 10 due to sanctions for the Kosovo conflict since 1998. March 27-Nissan enters into a capital tie-up with Renault, France.


April 6-Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji visits the United States. April 20-Two students shoot a gun at a high school in Colorado, USA, and later commit suicide (Columbine High School mass shooting). April 30-Cambodia joins the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.


May 1-The Treaty of Amsterdam comes into effect. May 10-The Lincoln Laboratory discovers the destination of Hayabusa2, the asteroid 1999 JU3 (later Ryugu). May 19-"Star Wars Episode 1 / Phantom Menace" will be released in the United States and other countries (released in Japan on July 10).



July 22-China outlaws Falun Gong.


August 17-Western Turkey Earthquake. (Izmit earthquake) August 30-East Timor referendum held, 78.5% support for independence.


September 14-Prodi Commission is established. September 21-Taiwan earthquake occurred. September 30-Tokai-mura JCO criticality accident occurred. Japan's first criticality accident at JCO, a nuclear fuel facility in Tokai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture. Two people died.


October 20-Wahid becomes chairman of the new president of Indonesia.


November 6-A referendum was held in Australia asking whether to transition to a republic, and as a result, opposition to the transition was predominant. (1999 Australian Referendum) November 12-The Gramm-Leach-Billy Act is enacted in the United States. November 25-The Hubble Space Telescope's six attitude control gyroscopes fail and become unobservable. November 30-December 3-The 3rd World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference


December 4-Hoi An, Myson Sanctuary, World Heritage Site. December 10-11-European Council will be held in Helsinki, Finland. Decided to start EU accession negotiations with five Eastern European countries and Malta. Recognize Turkey as a candidate country for membership. December 20-Macau is returned from Portugal to China. December 31-Russian President Boris Yeltsin resigns. Appointed Prime Minister Putin on his behalf. December 31-Panama Canal returns to Panama from the United States. December 31-Millennium Car