February 16


May 20, 2022

February 16th is the 47th day of the Gregorian calendar from the beginning of the year, and there are 318 days left until the end of the year (319 days in leap years).


901 (January 25, 1st year of Engi) --- Sugawara no Michizane departs for Dazaifu. 1742-Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington, becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 1791-The French National Assembly declares the abolition of the exclusive guild of commerce and industry. 1804-First Barbary War: US Navy Stephen Decatur raids Tripoli and destroys captured Philadelphia. 1883-Tokyo Meteorological Observatory creates Japan's first weather map. 1900 --Established by Hokkaido Takushoku Bank as a special bank. 1918-In Lithuania, which was the territory of the Russian Empire, the Lithuanian Council declares independence. The Kingdom of Lithuania is established. 1936-In the Spanish general election, the Popular Front faction wins overwhelmingly, and the Socialist Union administration is established. 1937-Wallace Carothers patents nylon. 1940-World War II: The Altmark incident occurs. 1942-Bangka Island Incident. 1944-Colonel Juan Peron coups in Argentina. 1945-World War II, Pacific War, Air Raids on Japan: 1,200 US military aircraft attack various parts of the Kanto region. After that, the air raids intensified. 1948-Cabinet notification of 881 characters of "Toyō Kanji Appendix" (Kyōiku Kanji) and "Toyō Kanji Sound Training Table" (restricted reading of 1850 Kanji characters). 1949 --The 3rd Shigeru Yoshida Cabinet is established. 1949 --The Japanese Baseball League is established. 1953-India's Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru appeals in parliament for the rallying of a "third world" that does not belong to either of the two major US-Soviet camps. 1958-The Korean National Airlines hijacking incident occurs. 1959-Cuba's Prime Minister, Castro of the Revolutionary Army, takes office. 1961-NASA launches the atmospheric density measurement satellite "Explorer 9". 1962 --The Viet Cong Liberation Front holds the first national convention. 1971 --The University of Tokyo Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics launches the test satellite "Tansei". 1974-The University of Tokyo Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics launches the test satellite "Tansei 2". 1976-The House of Representatives Budget Committee begins summoning witnesses to the Lockheed scandal. "I don't remember" from Kenji Osano, the founder of Kokusai Kogyo and the owner of the company (at that time), who stood at the place of witness summons, became a buzzword. 1977-Agreed to completely abolish the US-Japan textile agreement on export restrictions to the United States, effectively liberalizing it. 1978-Signed a long-term trade agreement between Japan and China in Beijing. 1978 --The National Space Development Agency of Japan launches the ionospheric observation satellite "Ume No. 2". 1978-The world's first electronic bulletin board system "CBBS" is created in Chicago. 1983-1983 Australian forest fire. 1996 --Minister of Health and Welfare Naoto Kan apologizes for the HIV-tainted blood scandal. 1998-China Airlines Flight 676 crash. 2005-Kyoto Protocol comes into effect. Developed countries are obliged to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, which is the main cause of global warming. 2006 --Kobe Airport opens.


1497-Philip Melanchthon, Humanist (+1560) 1519-Gaspard de Coligny, military personnel (+ 1572) 1543 (January 13, 2012) --Eitoku Kano, Kano school painter (+1590) 1556 (January 6, Koji 2) --Todo Takatora, Sengoku warlord, Tsu domain lord (+ 1630) 1592 (January 4, 20th Tensho) --Tadateru Matsudaira, Lord Takada (+ 1683) 1620-Frederick Wilhelm, Elector of Brandenburg (+1688) 1685 (January 13, 2nd year of Jokyo) --Katsumasa Mizuno, lord of the Yuki feudal lord (+1745) 1698-Pierre Bouguer, mathematician, astronomer (+1758.