year 2011


May 19, 2022

2011 (2011) is a normal year starting on Saturday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar). 2011. This section describes 2011 from an international perspective.

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Zodiac: Yin Metal Rabbit Japan (dates match) 2011 Imperial Year 2671 Republic of Korea (dates match) Republic of Korea 1993 Dangun 4344 Republic of China (dates match) 100 years of the Republic of China Democratic People's Republic of Korea (dates match) 100 years of subject Buddhist calendar: September 11, 2553-October 7, 2554 Islamic calendar: January 25, 1432-February 5, 1433 Jewish calendar: April 25, 5771-April 5, 5772 Unix Time: 1293840000 --1325375999 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 55562 --55926 Lilian Date (LD): 156403 --156767




From the end of the previous year, due to the influence of the La Niña phenomenon, heavy rains have occurred in Australia, and large-scale floods have occurred frequently in Brazil and other parts of the world. January 1 Brazil's first female head of state, President Dilma Rousseff, takes office. Estonia introduces the European single currency Euro. First in the former Soviet Union countries. Terrorist attacks targeting the Copt Orthodox Church in Alexandria, Egypt, killed 21 people. The following day, in Cairo, the capital, some believers gathered for protest became mobs. Beijing, China, has implemented traffic congestion measures to limit the issuance of license plates to 240,000 vehicles annually. Finland's Uusimaa and Eastern Uusimaa merged to form a new Uusimaa. January 2-Chinese private organizations such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China establish the "World Chinese Fishing Federation" to claim sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands (fishing platform). January 3 Singapore's Ministry of Trade and Industry has announced a record high gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of 14.7% (estimated value) in 2010. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, USA retires. January 5th FAO announced that global food prices reached record highs in December 2010. China's Deputy Prime Minister Li Keqiang has announced the purchase of about 6 billion euros (about 650 billion yen) of Spanish bonds. January 6th A French car company, Renault, discovered an information leak about an electric vehicle jointly developed with Nissan. Apple opens the Mac App Store, which offers apps for the Mac. The number of app downloads exceeds 1 million on the first day. January 7-AFC Asian Cup 2011 in Qatar. (Until January 29) January 8 In Arizona, USA, a mass shooting occurred during a speech by a Democratic House of Representatives, killing six people and seriously killing them. In Niger, a rescue operation by French troops stationed in Niger failed, and two French people kidnapped by al-Qaeda died. January 9 Delhi, India recorded the first cold wave in 40 years, killing more than 80 homeless people in neighboring Uttar Pradesh. In Iran, Iran Air's domestic airliner Boeing 727 crashed, killing 77 of its 105 passengers and crew. (For details, see "Iran Air Flight 277 Crash") In Tunisia, demonstrators protesting unemployment and food inflation clashed with security forces the day before, killing more than 14 people by this day. A large-scale rally in the capital Bangkok where the Thaksin faction of Thailand participates with about 20,000 people. This is the first time since the state of emergency has been lifted. January 10 The US and Chinese defense ministers met in Beijing and agreed to resume US-China military exchanges, which had been suspended for about a year due to the issue of selling weapons to Taiwan. Trade statistics have been released in China, and the value of China's exports and imports in 2010 both reached record highs. Exports are the highest in the world for the second consecutive year. The China Automobile Manufacturers Association has announced that the number of new cars sold in China in 2010 has been for two consecutive years.