year 2013


August 13, 2022

2013 (2013 Nen) is a normal year starting on Tuesday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar). 2013. This item describes 2013 based on an international perspective.

Other chronology

Zodiac: Mizunotomi Japan (month and day match) 2013 Imperial era 2673 Republic of Korea (month and day match) Republic of Korea 95 Danki 4346 Republic of China (month and day match) republic of china year 102 Democratic People's Republic of Korea (month and day match) Main body 102 years Butsumetsu era: Leap September 4, 2555 - Leap September 14, 2556 Islamic calendar: February 18, 1434 - February 27, 1435 Jewish calendar: April 19, 5773 - April 28, 5774 Unix Time: 1356998400 - 1388534399 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 56293 - 56657 Lilius Day (LD): 157134 - 157498




1/3 -[China] Southern weekend editorial replacement incident. From the 7th of the same month, demonstrations demanding freedom of the press were held. January 13 - [USA] Chevrolet Corvette 7th generation model (C7 type) will be announced at the "Detroit Motor Show 13" preview event in the United States. 1/16-20 - [Algeria] Islamic armed forces attacked natural gas related facilities in Inamenas in southern Algeria, causing many casualties, including Japanese engineers. (Details → Algerian hostage crisis) 1/17 -[United States] Somalia officially approved. establish diplomatic relations 1/20 -[United States] President of the United StatesInauguration ceremony. As a result of the November 2012 election, President Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States. 1/22 - Russian small satellite BLITS collided with space debris. BLITS lost its function as a satellite. It was initially believed to be a fragment of the Chinese weather satellite Fengyun-1C, which was destroyed on January 11, 2007.


February 1 [United States] Secretary of State Clinton officially resigns after four years in office [Turkey] A man blew himself up in front of the United States Embassy in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, killing a man and two security guards and injuring a Turkish woman. Erdogan has ruled it a suicide bomber. On the 2nd of the same month, the outlawed far-left organization "Revolutionary People's Liberation Party Front (DHKP-C)" posted a statement of responsibility on the Internet. 2/6 -[Solomon Islands] According to the United States Geological Survey, around 0:12 pm local time (10:12 am Japan time), an earthquake of magnitude (M) 8.0 occurred off the South Pacific and Solomon Islands. . A tsunami with a height of about 1.5 meters surged along the coast of Nendo Island in the eastern Santa Cruz Islands, near the epicenter. The Solomon Islands government's National Disaster Management Agency confirmed on the 7th that a total of nine residents had died. (Details → Solomon Islands Earthquake (2013)) 2/11 -[Vatican] Pope Benedict XVI usually announces at the Cardinal Conference that he will resign from the Pope at 28:00 (Central European Time) on February 28, 2013. (Details → Resignation of Benedict XVI) February 12th [North Korea] North Korea announced that it had conducted its third nuclear test since 2009 in Punggye-ri, Gilju-gun, North Hamgyong Province. [U.S. territory of Guam] A slasher incident occurred in downtown Guam. Three Japanese died. February 15th [Russia] In Chelyabinsk, Urals, a meteorite fell and many people were injured. (Details → Meteorite fall in Chelyabinsk province in 2013) Asteroid 2012 DA14 with a diameter of 45 meters entered the inside of the geostationary orbit and passed 27,700 km from the surface of the earth. 2/25 -[Korea] South KoreaPresident's inauguration ceremony. Park Geun-hye was sworn in as the country's first female president. February 26 - [Egypt] Around 7:00 local time in Luxor, the ancient capital of Egypt.