Year 2014


January 18, 2022

2014 is a normal year starting on Wednesday according to the Gregorian calendar. 2014. This section describes 2014 from an international perspective.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Wood Horse Japan (dates match) 2014 2674 Republic of Korea (dates match) Republic of Korea 96 Dangun 4347 Republic of China (dates match) Republic of China 103 years Democratic People's Republic of Korea (dates match) Subject 103 years Buddhist calendar: October 1, 2556-October 11, 2557 Islamic calendar: February 28, 1435-March 9, 1436 Jewish calendar: April 29, 5774-April 9, 5775 Unix Time: 1388534400 --1420070399 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 56658 --57022 Lilian Date (LD): 157499 --157863




January 1 Latvia introduces the European single currency Euro. It is the second country in the former Soviet Union after Estonia. Road names and addresses are used in earnest in South Korea. Insurance coverage for Obamacare begins in the United States. January 2-The 2m to 3m diameter asteroid 2014 AA discovered the day before is extremely close to Earth. It is estimated that it collided with the earth and disappeared in the atmosphere. January 19-In front of Harbin Station in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, People's Republic of China, the "An Jung Geun Memorial Hall" was opened to commemorate the assassination of former Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi of Japan in 1909. January 22-The Government of the Kingdom of Thailand issues a state of emergency in and around the capital Bangkok for 60 days from the same day. January 30-Google sells its mobile device division Motorola to Chinese computer giant Lenovo for $ 2.91 billion. Lenovo is the first to enter the mobile phone business in the United States and has acquired more than 2000 patent assets. January 31-The peace conference "Geneva 2" (en) aimed at the political resolution of the Syrian civil war, which was held from 22nd in Geneva, Switzerland, has ended. No concrete results were obtained.


February 2-Thai House General Election. The largest opposition Democratic Party boycotted the election, and the voting was canceled in the nine southern prefectures, so the party invalidated the election on the 4th of the same month, saying that it violates the country's constitution that stipulates that the general election will be held on the same day nationwide. Filed a lawsuit in the Constitutional Court of the country. February 3-Janet Yellen, the first female chairman, is appointed as the 15th chairman to replace Ben Bernanke, the 14th chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of the United States. February 7-23-Sochi Olympics February 10-Spanish National District Court, former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, Jiang Zemin, former Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China, and other executives of the People's Republic of China for genocide in Tibet from the 1980s to the 1990s Requested international arrangements from the International Criminal Police Organization for five people. Non-Spanniards committed arrest warrants issued in October 2013 and serious humanity crimes such as genocide and terrorism in countries other than Spain, based on accusations of asylum Tibetans with Spanish nationality and human rights groups. Even in that case, it was based on the law of the country, which provided that the jurisdiction of Spain would extend if the parties did not judge. February 13 Eruption of Mt. Kelud in East Java, Indonesia. The height of the eruption is about 17km, and about 200,000 local residents have been evacuated. The next day, four airports around Surabaya, including Juanda International Airport, were closed due to poor visibility. The Belgian House of Representatives has passed a bill that abolishes the age limit for euthanasia, which was legalized in the country 12 years ago, and gives children with terminal illness the right to choose death. It will be the second country to allow children to be euthanized after the neighboring country, the Netherlands, and at the same time, age.

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