November 28, 2021

2015 is a normal year starting on Thursday according to the Gregorian calendar. 2015. This section describes 2015 from an international perspective.

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yin Wood Goat Japan (dates match) 2015 2675 imperial year Republic of Korea (dates match) Republic of Korea 1997 Dangun 4348 Republic of China (dates match) Republic of China 104 years Democratic People's Republic of Korea (dates match) Subject 104 years Buddhist calendar: October 12, 2557-September 6, 2558 Islamic calendar: March 10, 1436-March 19, 1437 Jewish calendar: April 10, 5775-April 19, 5776 Unix Time: 1420070400 --1451606399 Modified Julian Day (MJD): 57823 --57387 Lilian Date (LD): 157864 --158228




In 2015, the geopolitical risks represented by terrorism incidents in various places, including the killing of Japanese by the extremist Islamic organization ISIL, became conspicuous, and the refugee problem that flowed into Europe from the Middle East became apparent. In Japan, security-related laws were enacted and promulgated in September, and there have been movements to enhance deterrence and defense in collaboration with the United States and other countries. On the other hand, in the economy, amid fluctuation factors such as global low oil prices, rate hikes in the United States FRB, and a downturn in the Chinese economy, a general agreement between the TPP governments in Asia in October, the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community in December, etc. It was also the year when an international framework was established that would lead to the future. In terms of the environment, extreme weather events such as the extreme El Nino phenomenon have been seen all over the world, and 2015 was the year when the average temperature in the world reached a record high. At COP21 (21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), the "Paris Agreement", an international framework for global warming countermeasures after 2020, was adopted. In Asia, disasters including man-made disasters such as the spread and epidemic of MERS coronavirus in South Korea, a large-scale haze problem by Indonesia, and a dengue fever epidemic in Southeast Asia were observed. In the United States, President Obama has made historic progress, including legalization of same-sex marriage in all states and restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba, and the move toward the 2016 United States presidential election has begun in earnest. On the other hand, more than 300 mass shootings targeting universities and facilities occur frequently in various places a year, and the shooting of blacks by white police officers also broke out following 2014, so gun control by the president's order was considered in December. It became a flow. In the People's Republic of China, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was established under the Belt and Road Initiative under the Xi Jinping administration amid repeated large-scale accidents such as the sinking of Dongfeng Star and the 2015 Tianjin Hamakai New Area Warehouse Explosion Accident. And development in other countries represented by the East China Sea gas field problem was actively promoted. On the economic side, on the other hand, it was an unstable year, with stock prices falling sharply from the low-growth period defined as the new normal. In addition, 2015 was partly positioned as the first year of corporate governance, but starting with the problem of foreign matter contamination by McDonald's Japan, Volkswagen's emission regulation fraud problem, Toshiba's inappropriate accounting, and condominium piling work by Asahi Kasei Construction Materials and others Many scandals occurred one after another at home and abroad throughout the year, such as falsification of data. It was also the year when the deficiencies in the Japanese-style decision-making process were widely discussed, with the withdrawal of the Tokyo Olympics emblem caused by the turmoil and the withdrawal of the blank slate at the National Stadium. rice field. On the other hand, in terms of Japanese consumption, it is accompanied by the explosive buying by the record high number of visitors to Japan, which reaches nearly 20 million.

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