2021 Sumo


November 28, 2021

Sumo in 2021 (2021 Nen no Sumo) summarizes the events related to sumo in 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa). 2020-2021-2022



5th-[Ozumou] The Japan Sumo Association announced that Yokozuna Hakuho was infected with the new coronavirus infection. The 8th [Ozumou] The NHK Welfare Culture Corporation announced that it will cancel the 2021 NHK Welfare Sumo due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. The original plan was to take place on February 6th. [Ozumou] Yokozuna Kakuryu has decided to take a rest in January due to back pain. Tsururyu is closed for 4 consecutive places. 9th-[Ozumou] The Japan Sumo Association has a total of 83 members (of which 65 wrestlers, including 15 Sekitori) who are positive for the new coronavirus infection and who may have close contact, will be in January. Announced that it will be closed. 18th-[Ozumou] Fuji Television and Sankei Shimbun announced that they will cancel the 45th Japan Sumo Tournament scheduled for February 7 following the issuance of a state of emergency for the new Corona. 19th [Ozumou] In January, 16 Sekitori were closed from the first day, but from the 10th day of the day, Takakeishō Ozeki will be closed on the way, so the number of Sekitori closed will be 17 people. rice field. As a result, the number of people who were absent after the war was the highest after the war, surpassing the record of the place (16 people) in July 2002. The number of people who were closed increased after the 11th day, reaching 19 in the end. [Ozumou] In the efforts of the Makushita on this day, there was a sumo wrestler who could not stand up due to a symptom that seems to be a concussion when the wrestler was unsuccessful. There was a problem with wrestlers. However, as this response poses a risk to the health of wrestlers, a provisional response has been agreed that if a similar situation occurs, the efforts will not be redone, and a formal rule will be given after January. The policy to make it has been set. 24th-[Ozumou] In January, Chiakigaku was celebrated, and Daieishō Hayato, the leader of Nishimae, won the championship for the first time with 13 wins and 2 losses. Daieishō is from Saitama prefecture, and is the first to win the highest championship in the Makuuchi of Saitama prefecture natives and Oitekaze stable wrestlers. Of the three awards, the Ginō-sho has three winners (Terunofuji Sekiwake, Sho Daieishō, and Midorifuji) for the first time in history. 27th-[Ozumou] It is reported that Tokitsu-style master (former Makuuchi / Tokitsuumi) went to Jakuso etc. in January in violation of the "Guidelines for Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" set by the Japan Sumo Association. rice field. 28th-[Ozumou] The Japan Sumo Association holds a board meeting and decides to change the venue in March, which was scheduled to be held at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, to the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. bottom. The board of directors also decided to partially change the refereeing rules, and in response to the concussion problem that occurred in the efforts under the Makushita on the 9th day of January, "The refereeing committee can take sumo wrestlers before the wrestlers are present. If it is found that the wrestler is not in a state, the wrestler can be defeated after consultation. "


22nd-[Ozumou] The Japan Sumo Association held a board meeting, and despite having a history of disciplinary action for the same reason in the past, Tokitsuumi Masahiro (formerly) acted again in violation of the "Guidelines for Dealing with New Corona Virus Infectious Diseases". (Makuuchi / Tokitsuumi) was disciplinary action for the retirement recommendation, and it was decided to reduce the retirement allowance by 30%. The retirement notice submitted by Tokitsukaze stable was accepted, and the Tokitsukaze stable was accepted.

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