baseball 2022


August 8, 2022

Baseball in 2022 (2022 Nen no Yakyu) summarizes the trends in the baseball world in 2022. Baseball 2021 - Baseball 2022 - Baseball 2023



2 days AUSTRALIAN BASEBALL LEAGUE Melbourne Aces have signed Genevieve Beecombe to a development deal, becoming the first female player in ABL history to sign a contract. 5 days [Independent Japan Sea Ocean League] The Fukui Nexus Elephants have announced the appointment of former Hanshin Tigers player and former Tokushima Indigo Sox manager Atsushi Yoshida as head coach and pitching coach. The 7th [Independent / Sea of ​​Japan Ocean League] The Shiga GO Blacks announced the appointment of former Hiroshima Toyo Carp coach Toshikazu Sawazaki as a pitching coach. 12th [Independent / Sea of ​​Japan Ocean League] Ishikawa Million Stars announced that fielder coach Mitsutaka Goto will be appointed as manager. 16th [Independent/Route-in BC League] It is announced that Ibaraki Astro Planets' Koji Matsuda has signed a minor contract with the MLB Los Angeles Dodgers. 19th [Independent Hokkaido Baseball League] Takigawa Plain Winds, which is scheduled to participate in the league match from this year, will move its home base from Takikawa City to Naie Town, which was originally planned, and will use the ballpark in the Nakachi District, and the team name and logo will be changed. Announced to rebuild. The 20th [Independent/Shikoku Island League plus] The Tokushima Indigo Socks have announced that team strategy advisor and coach Tetsuji Okamoto will take over as manager. 28th day [High School Baseball] Selection Committee for the 94th High School Baseball Tournament The 31st [Independent/Hokkaido Baseball League] Takigawa Plain Winds, who had announced a change in the team name due to the change in the home base, announced that the new team name has become "Naie/Sorachi Straights". [Independent/Hokkaido Frontier League] Bibai Black Diamonds has announced that former Hokusho High School baseball club manager Takaya Kawakami will be appointed as the team's first manager. [Independent / Sea of ​​Japan Ocean League] Fukui Nexus Elephants announced that former Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters pitcher Ryo Akiyoshi will join the team.


3 days [Mexican League] (2nd local time) The Veracruz Eagles announced that they have signed a player contract with former Kanagawa Future Dreams (former Yomiuri Giants) player Hayato Takagi. [Independent / Route-in BC League] Ibaraki Astro Planets announced the joining of former Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Shingo Tatsumi as a pitching coach. Four days [Women's High School Baseball] The Yomiuri Giants have announced that the finals of the 23rd National High School Women's Baseball Tournament will be held at the Tokyo Dome. 16th [Japan National Team] NPB Enterprise has announced that it will cancel warm-up games against Taiwan National Team scheduled for March 5th and 6th. 17th [Independent Hokkaido Frontier League] Ishikari Red Phoenix has announced the appointment of former Yokohama DeNA BayStars coach Tomoya Tsuboi as the team's first manager. 18th [High school baseball] The Japan High School Baseball Federation has held a board meeting and conventionally, games that were not completed due to rain etc. before the end of the 7th inning were considered no games, and the game was played from the beginning the next day, but the game will start from the beginning on March 18. From the scheduled 94th Selected High School Baseball Tournament, it was decided to introduce a continuous game that restarts the game from the scene just before the break. 28th day [Independence] The Japan Independent League Baseball Organization (IPBL) approves the membership of the Hokkaido Frontier League. Ryukyu Blue who was also a supporting member