March 14


November 28, 2021

March 14 (san ga tsuju yoka, san ga tsujuyonnichi) is the 73rd day from the beginning of the year (74th day in a leap year) in the Gregorian calendar, and there are 292 days left until the end of the year.


313 (February 1, 7th year of Yongjia) --Disaster of Yongjia: The emperor of the Western Jin dynasty, the emperor Huai, who was taken prisoner of the Han, is executed by the emperor of the Han, Liu Cong. 1794-Eli Whitney patents cotton gin. 1872 (February 6, 1872) --The M7.1 Hamada earthquake occurred in the Izumo / Iwami area (western Shimane prefecture). 1873 --The Meiji government enacts regulations that allow international marriage between Japanese and foreigners. 1885-Operetta "The Mikado" premiered in London. 1898-Swiss football club BSC Young Boys is founded. 1899-Shiki Masaoka founds the Negishi Tanka Society. 1900-In the United States, the Gold Standard Act, which adopted the gold standard, was promulgated. 1905-England football club Chelsea FC is founded. 1915-World War I: German Navy cruiser "Dresden" sinks off the coast of Chile after being attacked by the Royal Navy. 1927-Minister of Finance Naoharu Kataoka rants in the Diet that Tokyo Watanabe Bank went bankrupt. It will trigger the Showa financial crisis. 1927-Representative dolls from each state, such as the blue-eyed doll "Miss America" ​​presented to Japan by American pro-Japanese family Sidney Gulick, arrive in Japan. 1929 --A large fire broke out in Ishioka Town, Niihari District, Ibaraki Prefecture (currently Ishioka City). 1937-Pope Pius XI issues the encyclical "Mit Brenendel Sorghe", which criticizes Nazi Germany's religious and racial policies. 1939-Czechoslovakia merger: Czechoslovakia is dismantled by Nazi Germany and Slovakia declares independence. 1943-World War II: All Krakow Ghetto residents are transferred or killed in concentration camps and the ghetto is dismantled. 1943-A wildfire in Higashitonda Village, Wakayama Prefecture. The fire spread to 10 surrounding villages over 10 days, and the total burned area was 14,000, which is the largest prewar record. Myojinmura government office and 32 private houses were also burnt down. 1945-WWII: Royal Air Force No. 617 Squadron uses a Grand Slam bomb for the first time, destroying two targets on the German Bielefeld iron bridge. 1947-The United States and the Philippines sign an agreement permitting the use of Clark Air Force Base until 2046. 1950-University Establishment Council approves the establishment of 113 junior colleges. 1951-Korean War: UN forces recapture Seoul. 1953-After Stalin's death, Malenkov, who succeeded him as Prime Minister and Chief Secretary, resigned as Chief Secretary on the eighth day of his inauguration and nominated Khrushchev as his successor. 1953-Dissolution of the House of Representatives (Dissolution of Bakayaro). 1954 --The entire Moscow Subway Line 5 loop line opens. 1964-Jack Ruby is convicted of shooting and killing Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassinator of US President John F. Kennedy in the assassination of President Kennedy. 1965-The wildcat, whose writer Yukio Togawa discovered the skull and fur on Iriomote Island, Okinawa, is identified as a new species. Named "Iriomote Cat" in 1967. 1967-At Ueno Zoo, Asian elephant Indira escapes from the playground. A veteran keeper on leave rushed to soothe and was safely detained. 1970-The Japan World Exposition (Osaka Expo) opens. 1970-Japan Atomic Power Company Tsuruga Power Station begins commercial operation. Japan's first commercial light water reactor. 1975-The murder of Geba in the core secretary general. 1979-Completed automation that does not require a switchboard operator in the telephone network throughout Japan. 1979-A military aircraft crashes in a factory on the outskirts of Beijing. �

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