March 22


November 28, 2021

March 22nd is the 81st day of the Gregorian calendar (82nd day of the leap year), and there are 284 days left until the end of the year.


238-Gordian I and his son Gordian II declare their coronation to the Roman emperor as co-emperors. 650 (February 15, 6th year of Taika) --The Japanese era name was changed from Taika to Hakuchi. 1185 (Genryaku 2nd year / February 19th, 4th year of Juei) --Genpei War: The Battle of Yashima is fought and Genpei wins. 1765-The Stamp Act on the Thirteen Colonies passes the British Parliament. 1804 (February 11, Kyowa 4) --The Japanese era name was changed from Kyowa to culture. 1809-Charles XIII is crowned King of Sweden. 1833 --German countries conclude the German Customs Alliance, which will come into effect on New Year's Day the following year. 1888-The English Football League is launched. 1896-The Bank of Japan Head Office is completed. 1897-The first Japanese-owned and edited daily English newspaper, The Japan Times, is launched. 1898-"Jiji Shinpo" published the editorial "Chinese Familiarity". 1907-Lawyer Gandhi launches a civil disobedience campaign against laws restricting immigration to India in South Africa. 1908-The turtle incident occurs in Okubo, Tokyo. 1916-Yuan Shikai abdicates the Emperor of the Chinese Empire. 1919-Siberian intervention: Ivanovka incident occurs. 1925 --The Tokyo Broadcasting Station (currently NHK Broadcasting Center) begins radio test broadcasting. 1933-Starts operation of the Dachau concentration camp, the first concentration camp in Nazi Germany. 1939-World War II: Lithuania ceded Memel at the request of Germany. 1942-World War II: Second Battle of Sidra Bay 1945-Founded Arab League. 1957-Men's chorus group Dark Ducks debuts. 1962-Yunn Posun resigns as President of South Korea. 1963-The Beatles' first album "Please Please Me" is released. 1964 --Started circular operation on the Osaka Loop Line. 1965-Nikolae Ceausescu becomes General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party. 1970-The 1st All Japan Women's Professional Bowling Championship is held. Ritsuko Nakayama won the championship. 1978-Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation succeeds in experimenting with submarine cable communication using optical fiber. 1979 --The fishing boat "Mina Tokumaru" sank off the coast of Mikomoto Island, Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Two people were rescued the next day, but 18 people died or went missing. 1985-The 1st AIDS Research and Review Committee recognizes Japan's first AIDS patient. 1987-Hokkaido's Shihoro Line is abolished for this day only. 1990-Wild Lily Student: Lee Teng-hui announces acceptance of student demands. 1993-Intel launches the first Pentium processor (64-bit, 60MHz). 1994 --In the Enoimura case, the Takamatsu High Court was acquitted of retrial. 1995-Russian astronaut Valeri Polyakov returns to Earth after staying at the space station "Mir" for 438 days, the longest record in space. 1995 --The Metropolitan Police Department conducts a compulsory investigation into Aleph in the case of the arrest and detention of the secretary-general of the public officials office and the sarin attack on the subway. 1995-Lockheed scandal In the Marubeni route trial, the Supreme Court found a 500 million yen bribery to former Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka and was found guilty. 1997 --East Japan Railway Company (JR East) Akita Shinkansen Morioka Station-Akita Station opened. 1997 --Hokuhoku Express Hokuhoku Line Saigata Station --Muikamachi Station opened. 1997 --Shinkansen 500 series trains start operation. 1997-Comet Hale-Bopp comes closest to Earth. 2005 --Katagami City, Akita Prefecture, Kitaakita City, and Inashiki City, Ibaraki Prefecture enforced the city system. Omagari City, Akita Prefecture and others merged into Daisen City, and Honjo City, Akita Prefecture and others merged.

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