April 6 (old calendar)


May 20, 2022

April 6th of the lunar calendar is the 6th day of April of the lunar calendar. Rokuyo is the first mover.


First year of Shobu (May 14, 221 Julian calendar) --Liu Bei becomes emperor.蜀 is established First year of Ansei (May 2, 1854, Gregorian calendar)-Sakuma Shozan joins his master, Shoin Yoshida, in an attempted stowaway in the United States and is imprisoned.



5th year of Shokyo / 1st year of Engen (May 17, 1336 Julian calendar) --Emperor Go-Fushimi, Emperor 93rd (* 1288) Shohei 15 / Enbun 5 (Julian calendar April 21, 1360) --Kinkata Toin, Daijo-daijin, employment scholar (* 1291) 3rd year of Astronomy (Julian calendar May 18, 1534) --Yoshitoyo Satomi, Sengoku daimyo Eiroku 4th year (May 29, 1561, Julian calendar) --Masaki Tokishige, Sengoku warrior Satomi clan. Bunsei 6 (May 16, 1823, Gregorian calendar) --Ota Nanpo, gesaku author (* 1749) 4th year of Keio (Gregorian calendar May 27, 1868) --Tadajun Oguri, Bakushin (* 1827)

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