April 7 (old calendar)


May 21, 2022

April 7th of the lunar calendar is the 7th day of April of the lunar calendar. Rokuyo is the death of Buddha.


Kannin 3rd year (May 14, 1019, Julian calendar) --The entrance of Toi. Sword Ito (Jurchen) invades Tsushima and Iki. Killed Fujiwara Tadashi and robbed many islanders First year of Kanji (May 11, 1087, Julian calendar) --Because of the coronation of Emperor Horikawa, the era was changed from Otoku to Kanji. First year of Keio (May 1, 1865, Gregorian calendar) --Changed from Genji to Keio 2nd year of Keio (May 21, 1865, Gregorian calendar) --Promulgation of "Proclamation on Certification of Permission to Go Overseas". The ban on overseas travel for commercial and study abroad purposes is lifted 4th year of Meiji (May 25, 1871, Gregorian calendar)-"Rules for proprietary patents for new inventions" promulgated


2nd year of Chosho (May 13, 1133, Julian calendar) --Honen, founder of the Jodo sect (+1212) 7th year of Tensho (Julian calendar May 2, 1579) --Hidetada Tokugawa, 2nd Shogun of the Edo Shogunate (+ 1632) 2nd year of Tenpo (May 18, 1831 Gregorian calendar) --Kawanabe Kyosai, Ukiyo-e artist (+ 1889) 3rd year of Keio (May 10, 1867 Gregorian calendar) --Takarabe Takeshi, military and politician (+ 1949)


Emperor Tenmu 7th year (May 3, 678 Julian calendar) --Princess Tochi, imperial family Houki 3rd year (Julian calendar May 13, 772) --Dokyo, monk 2nd year of Chokyo-Yoshizane Satomi, Sengoku daimyo Satomi's first owner (* 1416, but there is a non-existent theory) 3rd year of Daiei (May 21, 1523, Julian calendar) --Ashikaga Yoshitane, 10th Shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate (* 1466) 6th year of Daiei (May 18, 1526, Julian calendar) --Emperor Go-Kashiwabara, 104th Emperor (* 1464) 16th year of Genroku (May 22, 1703, Gregorian calendar) -Osaka Dojima Shintenchi Tenmanya's Joro Hatsu, Uchihonmachi Soy Sauce Dealer Hiranoya's Teshiro Tokubei Shinju Kyoho 15th year (May 23, 1730 Gregorian calendar) -Tokugawa Munetaka, 4th Mito feudal lord (* 1705)

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