May 14


May 21, 2022

May 14 (Gogatsujuyoka, Gogatsujuyonnichi) is the 134th day from the beginning of the year (135th day in a leap year) in the Gregorian calendar, and there are 231 days left until the end of the year.


996 (April 24, 2nd year of Chotoku) --Ishu Fujiwara, who fought for the position of Kampaku with Fujiwara no Michinaga, is relegated to the commander-in-chief. 1019 (April 7, 3rd year of Kannin) --The entrance of Toi. 1264-Second Barons' War: Battle of Lewes. King Henry III of England is captured by Simon De Montfort. 1607-Builds Jamestown, Britain's first permanent colony in North America. 1610-King Henry IV of France is assassinated. 1643-Louis XIV becomes king of France at the age of four. 1747-War of the Austrian Succession: First Battle of Cape Finistere 1796-Edward Jenner uses cowpox pus (vaccinia) for the first time for an 8-year-old boy. 1801-Pasha of the Ottoman Empire, Tripoli, cuts off the Star-Spangled Banner of the United States Consulate in Tripoli. Trigger the First Barbary War. 1804-The Lewis and Clark Expedition departs Camp Dubois to explore the land route to the Pacific Ocean. 1811-Paraguay becomes independent of Spain. 1868 (April 19, 1868) --Yang Earth Dragon: Battle of Utsunomiya Castle 1870-The first rugby football game in New Zealand. 1874-The world's first American football game is played at Harvard University. 1878-Lord of Home Affairs Toshimichi Okubo is assassinated. (Kioizaka Incident) 1888-The first Meiji song is announced. 1889 --The first section of the Osaka Railway, Minatomachi (currently JR Namba) --Kashiwabara (currently the Kansai Main Line) opens. 1900-The 2nd Summer Olympic Games and Paris Games are held. Until October 28th. 1910-Japan-British Exhibition held in London. Until October 29th. 1913-The Rockefeller Foundation is approved for establishment. 1925-Virginia Woolf's novel Mrs. Dalloway is published. 1927-German cruise liner "Cup Arkona" is launched. 1928-Taichu disrespectful incident occurs. 1930-Carlsbad Caverns National Park is established. 1932-Charlie Chaplin first visits Japan. 1935-Philippines ratifies the Independence Agreement. 1935-Held the first major league baseball night game in Cincinnati. 1939-Lina Medina gives birth to the youngest child in the world at 5 years, 7 months and 21 days. 1940-WWII Battle in the Netherlands: Nazi Germans bomb Rotterdam and the Netherlands surrender. 1940-The Volunteer Fighting Corps (later Home Guard) is established in England. 1945-World War II Air Raids on Japan: Nagoya Castle burns down in the Nagoya air raids. 1948-Israel declares its founding. On the same day, the five Arab League countries declare a war against Israel, and the First Middle East War begins. 1955-Eight communist countries, including the Soviet Union, sign the Warsaw Pact for mutual military aid. 1955-United States conducts a nuclear test off San Diego. (Operation Wigwam) 1963-Kuwait joins the United Nations. 1971-The 48th yokozuna Taiho retires. To his first generation senior. 1972-Promulgation and enforcement of the Flame Bottle Punishment Law. 1973-The first space station in the United States, "Skylab," is launched. 1991-Shigaraki Kogen Railway train collision accident occurs. 1991-Fuji of the 58th yokozuna Chiyo retires. 1997-Air Canada, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Thai Airways International, United