June 12


May 21, 2022

June 12th is the 163rd day of the Gregorian calendar (164th day of the leap year), and there are 202 days left until the end of the year.


1560 (May 19, Eiroku 3) --The Battle of Okehazama. Nobunaga Oda defeats Yoshimoto Imagawa near Okehazama Mountain. 1583 (April 22, 1583) --Battle of Shizugatake: Toshiie Maeda, who was on the side of Katsuie Shibata, surrendered to Hideyoshi Hashiba. 1592 (May 3, 1592) --The role of Bunroku: The capital of Korea, Hanseong (currently Seoul), fell, and Yukinaga Konishi and Kiyomasa Kato entered the castle. 1771-James Cook returns to England for the first time in three years after exploring the South Pacific Islands. 1776-Virginia Declaration of Rights adopted. 1859-Viscount Palmerston Henry John Temple becomes the 37th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 1864-Civil War: The Battle of Cold Harbor is over. 1872 (May 7, Meiji 5) --Shinagawa Station --Japan's first railway between Yokohama Station (currently Sakuragicho Station) begins temporary business. 1880-Lee Richmond completes the first perfect game in Major League Baseball history. 1886-The Shizuoka incident. A plan to assassinate ministers and attack the Hakone Rikyu inauguration ceremony on July 10 by Liberal Party members was discovered. 1886-Amemiya silk reeling dispute. A female worker at the Kofu / Amenomiya silk mill carries out Japan's first strike. 1898-Philippines Independence Movement Leader Emilio Aguinaldo declares Philippines independence from Spain. 1906-Established by the Japanese Esperanto Institute (now the Japanese Esperanto Institute), the first Esperanto organization in Japan. 1910-JNR Uko Ferry begins operation. 1915 --Kyota Sugimoto obtains a patent for a Japanese typewriter. 1916-US Navy battleship "Pennsylvania" is commissioned. 1922-Yusaburo Kato becomes the 21st Prime Minister in Japan, and the Cabinet of Yuzaburo Kato is inaugurated. 1935-The Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay ends. 1937-Yasunari Kawabata's novel "Snow Country" is published. 1940-Continuation of friendly relations and mutual respect for territory Niseki Suru Japan "Thailand" Interlateral Treaty (Japan-Thailand Friendship Treaty) signed. 1942-Holocaust: Anne Frank receives her diary as a 13th birthday present. Started writing "The Diary of Anne". 1952-Promulgation and enforcement of the Long-Term Credit Bank Law. 1958-Nobusuke Kishi becomes the 57th Prime Minister, and the Second Kishi Cabinet is inaugurated. 1959 --The Baseball Hall of Fame is opened next to Korakuen Stadium in Tokyo. Established the Baseball Hall of Fame. 1961-Promulgation of the Basic Agriculture Law. 1961 --The Honda Motor Co., Ltd. won the 125cc and 250cc classes for the first time in the Isle of Man TT race. Spread the name "Honda" to Europe. 1963-Mississippi civil rights leader Medgar Evers is killed by Ku Klux Klan members. 1964-South African anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment for national treason. 1965-Ienaga textbook trial. Saburo Ienaga, a professor at Tokyo University of Education, claims damages to the government because his high school Japanese history textbook is unconstitutional. 32 years until the end. 1965 --Yukiaki Ueki, a professor at Niigata University, announced that an outbreak of organic mercury poisoning similar to Minamata disease occurred in the Agano River basin, Niigata Prefecture. (Niigata Minamata disease) 1967-The Soviet Union launches the Venus probe "Venera 4". 1967 --13 patients with Niigata Minamata disease claim damages against the causative company, Kanose Denko. 1969-Japan's first nuclear ship "Mutsu" is launched. 1978-The 1978 Miyagi-ken-oki earthquake occurred. 1978-David Berkowitz, known as "Son of Sam," who committed serial murders in New York, is sentenced to 365 years in prison. 197