June 19


July 5, 2022

June 19th is the 170th day of the Gregorian calendar (171st day of the leap year), and there are 195 days left until the end of the year.


1333 (3rd year of Genko / May 7th, 2nd year of Shokyo) --The Rokuhara Tandai fell due to the attack of Takauji Ashikaga and others who turned to the defeat. 1419-Oei Invasion. Mr. Lee Korean army landed in Tsushima. 1754-The Albany Congress begins and will be held by representatives of 13 colonies and Indians until July 11 of the same year. 1816-Battle of Seven Oaks. Two trading companies fight over fur trade in Canada. 1821-Greek War of Independence: Battle of Dragashani. Filiki Eteria is defeated by the Ottoman Empire and destroyed. 1846-The first officially recorded baseball game to take place at the Elysian Ballpark in Hoboken, NJ. 1862-United States Congress abolishes Dred Scott v. Sandford's ruling and bans slavery within the territory of the United States. 1865-Two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, slaves in Galveston, Texas, the latest in the United States, are informed that they have been freed (celebrated as Juneteenth in Texas and 36 other states). 1867-Mexico liberal forces execute Mexican emperor Maximilian. 1868-Johann Strauss II's Waltz "Tales from the Vienna Woods" is premiered. 1915-US Navy battleship "Arizona" is launched. 1910-First Father's Day celebrated in Spokane, Washington. 1932-Hirono Golf Club opens. 1933-Austria outlaws the Nazis (National Socialist German Workers' Party). 1933-The Tanna tunnel penetrates. 1934-In the United States, the Communications Act of 1934 comes into force and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is established. 1937-The Soviet Union and Manchurian troops clash on Kanchazu Island and Kanchazu Island in the lower reaches of Heihe (Kanchazu Island Incident). 1944-World War II Battle of the Mariana and Palau Islands: Battle of the Philippine Sea. 1945-World War II, Air Raids on Japan: Shizuoka Air Raids, Fukuoka Air Raids. 1948-The bodies of Osamu Dazai and Tomie Yamazaki are found in Tamagawa Aqueduct. 1948 --The House of Representatives passed the "Resolution on the Exclusion of Educational Language, etc." and the House of Councilors passed the "Resolution on Confirmation of Revocation of Educational Language, etc." 1951 --Wally Yonamine, a second-generation Hawaiian immigrant scouted by the Yomiuri Giants from the US minor league, makes its debut in the official game. The first foreign player after the war. 1953-Rosenberg case: Rosenberg and his wife are executed. 1954 --The Nagoya TV Tower is completed. 1955-Fumio Takechi of Kintetsu Pearls achieves the first perfect game in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball in the Pacific League. 1959-A misfire accident of a nuclear missile at the US military Naha site (currently Naha Airport). 1 dead and 6 injured. 1960-Security Struggle: With 330,000 demonstrators besieging the Diet all night, the New Japan-US Security Treaty is naturally established at midnight without a vote of the House of Councilors. 1961-Kuwait becomes independent of the British Protectorate. 1964-The first US-Japan trans-Pacific submarine cable TPC-1 opens. 1965-Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella is ousted in a military coup, replaced by Uari Boumedien. 1965-Nguyen Khao Ki becomes Prime Minister of South Vietnam. 1970-Signing of the Patent Cooperation Treaty. 1970-Edward Heath becomes the 68th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 1970 --Shimonoseki --Kampu Ferry in Busan, South Korea begins operation. 1976-Gustav, King Carl XVI of Sweden, is a German woman Zilphia Renate Zomaler.