June 21


January 18, 2022

June 21st is the 172nd day of the Gregorian calendar (173rd day of the leap year), and there are 193 days left until the end of the year.


216 BC-Second Punic War: Battle of Lake Trasimene takes place, Carthaginian army defeats Roman army. 1307-Kaishan becomes the seventh emperor of the Mongol Empire. 1339-The Battle of Laupen takes place, and the city-state Bern defeats the aristocrats. 1467 (May 20, 1467) --Onin War: Yutaka Yamana (Souzen), Yoshinari Hatakeyama and others are recruited. 1582 (June 2, 10th Tensho) --The Honnoji Incident. Akechi Mitsuhide attacks Nobunaga Oda while he is staying at Honnoji Temple in Kyoto, and Nobunaga Oda commits suicide. 1593 (May 22, 2nd year of Bunroku) --The role of Bunroku: The second battle of Jinju Castle begins. 1669 (June 4, 1669) --Battle of Shakushain: Ainu uprising. 1685-The Monmouth Rebellion takes place in England. 1711-Queen Anne's War: Abenaki wins at the Battle of Bloody Creek. 1736 (May 13, 1st year of Genbun) --The Edo Shogunate proclamation of dubbing (recasting) gold and silver (recasting of Genbun). 1752-Benjamin Franklin conducts an experiment to prove the charge of cumulonimbus clouds by a Leyden jar. 1788-New Hampshire ratifies the United States Constitution. With the ratification of the prescribed nine countries, the Constitution of the United States of America comes into effect. 1798-The Battle of Vinegar Hill takes place and Britain defeats the Irish Union. 1807-Napoleonic Wars: Armistice agreement signed between France, Germany and Prussia. 1813-Spanish War of Independence: Battle of Vitoria. 1824-Greek War of Independence: Egypt occupies Psara Island in the Aegean Sea. 1826-Greek War of Independence: Battle of Vargas. 1863-Civil War: Battle of Upper Building. 1868 (May 2, 1868) --The Meiji government established Osaka Prefecture. 1870-In Tianjin, China, people attacked French consulates and churches, killing more than 20 foreigners, including nuns, priests, and consulate staff, and more than 30 Chinese believers. (Tianjin Massacre). 1876-Japan's first warship "Seiki" is completed at Yokosuka Shipyard & Machinery Works. 1892-Promulgation of the Railway Construction Act. 1895-The Kiel Canal goes into operation. 1898-Guam is ceded from Spain to the United States by the Treaty of Paris. Ending 230 years of Spanish rule from 1668. 1900-Yoshiwadan Rebellion: Qing dynasty declares war on eight countries: Japan, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, and Italy. 1901-Hoshi Toru, the former chairman of the House of Representatives and the chairman of the Tokyo City Assembly, is stabbed to death by Sotaro Iba. 1908-More than 250,000 citizens demonstrate in Great Britain to allow women's suffrage. 1915-Promulgation of the Wireless Telegraph Law. 1919-World War I: Scuttling of the German fleet at Scapa Flow. The last killed in action in World War I comes out. 1931-German railroad vehicle Schienenzeppelin reaches 230km / h. 1934 --Tokyo Metro Ginza-Shimbashi (currently Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) is extended and opened, and the entire Tokyo Metro Ginza Line is opened. 1939-Major leaguer Lou Gehrig retires. 1940-World War II: France surrenders to Germany. 1942-World War II: German General Rommel wins a historic victory over British troops in Tobruk, North Africa. 1942-World War II Bombardment of Mainland America: Fort Stevens Bombardment. Multiple artillery fires from Japan's I-25 submarine sailing near the mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon, landed near Fort Stevens Army Base. To the Japanese army

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