June 23


July 5, 2022

June 23 (after Rokugatsu Niju) is the 174th day from the beginning of the year (175th day in a leap year) in the Gregorian calendar, and there are 191 days left until the end of the year.


1281 (June 6, 4th year of Koan) --The role of Koan. Former army re-attacks Kyushu. 1565-Siege of Malta: Ottoman Navy Dragut Wraith killed in action. 1611-A rebellion broke out on Henry Hudson's ship exploring northeastern Canada, leaving Hudson and his son, six of his men, off the ship and left behind in a small boat. The subsequent fate is unknown. 1683-William Penn signs a friendship agreement with the Lenape tribe of Pennsylvania. 1757-Battle of Plassey. The British-British East India Company forces defeat the French Bengal Hou Allied Forces. British rule of India is decided. 1758-Seven Years' War: Battle of Krefeld. 1760-Seven Years' War: Battle of Landeshut. 1780-American Revolutionary War: Battle of Springfield 1810-John Jacob Astor establishes Pacific Fur Company. 1812-Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon invades Russia, 1812 Russian war begins. 1860-United States Congress establishes the United States Government Publishing Office. 1868-Newspaper editor Christopher Latham Shoals patents typewriter. 1885-Marquis of Salisbury Robert Gascoyne-Cecile becomes the 44th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 1887-Canada's first national park, Banff National Park, is established. 1894-Established by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Paris Sorbonne under the leadership of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. 1907-Natsume Soseki's "Gubijinso" is serialized in "Asahi Shimbun". 1909-Ginjiro Tomita (Tailor Ginji), a pickpocket boss, is arrested in Nippori. 1915-World War I: First Battle of the Isonzo 1919-Estonian War of Independence: The Battle of Venden is over. Estonian Army defeats United Baltic Duchy. (Victory Day in Lithuania) 1925-Shakee Massacre. An anti-British demonstration stimulated by the May Thirtieth Movement took place in Saki, Guangzhou, China, where British soldiers fired and many Chinese were killed or injured. 1931-Wiley Post and Harold Gatty set off for a round-the-world flight. Returned on July 1st and set a record of 15 hours and 51 minutes for 8 days. 1932 --Tokushichi Mishima obtains a patent for MK Steel. 1941-WWII Occupation of the Baltic Countries: Lithuania declares independence from the Soviet Union in the wake of Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union. 1944 --The field at the eastern foot of Mt. Usu in Sobetsu-cho, Hokkaido erupted. Showa Shinzan is born. 1945-World War II: Okinawa Defense Force Commander Mitsuru Ushijima commits suicide at Mabuni Command (there is a disagreement with the day before <22nd>). It is said that the systematic resistance to the Battle of Okinawa has ended. 1945-Promulgation of the National Military Service Law. 1945-An incident occurs in which an American soldier who escaped from a fighter plane shot down in Chiba Prefecture is killed by a resident (Nozaki incident). 1947-Kanagawa Tax Officer Martyrdom Case. A tax office employee who cracked down on a Korean settlement in Japan that was selling moonshine during the postwar turmoil was beaten by the number of Koreans living in Japan on his way home from the tax office. 1948 --Showa Denko Scandal: Showa Denko President Setsuzou Hinohara is arrested. 1959-Klaus Fuchs, a physicist who contributed to the development of the nuclear bomb in Britain and the United States while leaking confidential information to the Soviet Union, is released after nine years in prison. 1961-The Antarctic Treaty comes into effect. 1964 --The base of the opposition to the construction of the Shimouke Dam in Kumamoto Prefecture, "Hachinosu Castle," is forcibly removed. 1967-Cold War: A.