June 6 (old calendar)


July 5, 2022

June 6th of the lunar calendar is the 6th day of June of the lunar calendar. Rokuyo is Daan.


5th year of the Meiji era (July 18, 660, Julian calendar) -Baekje is destroyed by the Tang-Silla coalition forces 4th year of Koan (June 23, 1281 Julian calendar) --The role of Koan. Former army re-invades Kyushu 3rd year of Bunkyu (July 21, 1863, Gregorian calendar) --Shinsaku Takasugi of the Choshu clan formed a Kiheitai


Meiji 3 (Gregorian calendar July 4, 1870) --Sazanami Iwaya, fairy tale writer / poet (+ 1933) Meiji 4 (Gregorian calendar July 23, 1871) --Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, first president of Soka Gakkai (later Soka Gakkai) (+ 1944)


4th year of Chogen (July 28, 1031 Julian calendar) --Taira no Tadatsune, the ancestor of the military commander Chiba (* 967) 2nd year of Kanpo (Gregorian calendar, July 7, 1742)-Hajin Hayano, Yosa Buson's teacher (* 1676)

Anniversary / annual event

Before the change of the solar calendar, I had a chance to start performing arts on June 6th of the 6-year-old lunar calendar. At the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, June 6th of the lunar calendar, which was 6 years old, was the day to enter Terakoya.

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