July 6


May 21, 2022

July 6th (Shichigatsumuika) is the 187th day from the beginning of the year (188th day in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar, and there are 178 days left until the end of the year.


371 BC-Battle of Leuctra. The Boeotia Alliance, centered on Thiva, defeats the Peloponnese Alliance, centered on Sparta. 1189-Richard I is crowned King of England. 1221 (June 15, 3rd year of Jokyu) --The Jokyu War is over. The Kamakura Shogunate army of Hojo Yasutoki and Tokifusa defeated Emperor Go-Toba and occupied Kyoto and became resident, and later became the Rokuhara Tandai. 1253-Crowned the first Lithuanian king Mindaugas. 1312 (June 2, 1st year of Showa) --With the departure of Hojo Munenobu, Hojo Hirotoki became the 12th authority of the Kamakura Shogunate. 1483-Crowned King Richard III of England. 1535-Thomas More is executed for treason in Japan. 1630-Thirty Years War: Sweden enters the war. 1758-French and Indian War: The Battle of Carillon begins. 1758-Pope Clement XIII becomes Pope. 1790 (May 24, 2nd year of Kansei) -Kansei Reforms: Kansei Edict begins and professors of academic fields other than Cheng-Zhu are banned at Shoheizaka Gakuin. 1801-Napoleonic Wars: The Battle of Algeciras Bay begins. 1854-The first Republican convention is held in Jackson, Michigan, United States. 1885-Louis Pasteur first inoculates humans with the rabies vaccine he developed and is effective. 1887-Kalakaua, King of the Kingdom of Hawaii, is pushed by the uprising of American immigrants and signs a gun sword constitution that greatly recognizes the rights of Americans and deprives the people of Hawaii. 1902-The Sasako tunnel on the Chuo Main Line of the Japanese National Railways penetrates. 1912-Opening Ceremony of the 5th Summer Olympic Games in Stockholm. 1915 --The Tapani Incident. Anti-Japanese armed uprising at the Tainan Office in Taiwan under Japanese rule. 1917-Arab Revolt: Revolts against the Ottoman Empire, led by Faisal Ibn Hussain and British officer Thomas Edward Lawrence, seize Aqaba. 1919-British airship R34 achieves the world's first airship and transatlantic flight from east to west. 1925 --The University of Tokyo Yasuda Auditorium is completed with a donation from Zenjiro Yasuda. 1933-The 1st All-Star Game in Major League Baseball. 1939 --The Imperial Japanese Navy begins the first test flight of the Zero fighter (Zero fighter). 1940-Shakai Taishūto disbands and joins the Imperial Rule Assistance Association. 1942-Anne Frank's family moves to a hideout. 1943 --Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Josei Toda, the founders of Soka Kyoiku Gakkai (predecessor of Soka Gakkai), are arrested for violating the Peace Preservation Law. 1945-World War II: Norway declares war on Japan. 1945-World War II air raids on Japan: Chiba air raids. 1948-Promulgation of the Certified Public Accountants Act. 1949-Shimoyama Incident. Sadanori Shimoyama, the president of the Japanese National Railways, who had been missing since the day before, is found dead. 1950-Poland and East Germany sign the Zgorzelec Treaty. West Germany did not accept the Oder-Neisse line as the border between the two countries. 1950-The revised average stock price of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (currently the Nikkei Stock Average) hits a record low of 85.25 yen. 1951-19 former Japanese soldiers and a woman who lived on the island of Anatahan in the Mariana Islands without knowing the end of the war returned to Japan (the Queen of Anatahan case). 1953-The Japanese and Philippine governments agree to reduce or release 106 Japanese war criminals in prison in Muntinlupa, Philippines. 1957 --The five-storied pagoda of Tennoji, Tokyo is burnt down due to the arson (Yanaka Five-storied Pagoda)