Aug. 1


January 18, 2022

August 1st is the 213rd day of the Gregorian calendar (214th day of the leap year), and there are 152 days left until the end of the year.


527-Justinian I becomes the Byzantine emperor. 607 (July 3, 2015, Empress Suiko) -The second mission to Sui is dispatched with Ono no Imoko as the messenger. 1291-The three states of Uri Schwyz and Unterwalden declare the formation of a Confederate Alliance. It is said to be the day of the founding of Switzerland. 1610 (June 13, 15th Keicho) --Kyoto merchant Katsusuke Tanaka set sail for Mexico to invite a mining engineer at the behest of Ieyasu Tokugawa. Returned to Japan the following year. 1774-British chemist Joseph Priestley discovers oxygen. 1798-Egypt-Syria Campaign: The Battle of the Nile takes place, Britain wins, and seizes control of the Mediterranean Sea. 1828-In the Kingdom of Merina, Madagascar, her ex-King Radama I's first wife, Rana Varna, kills her husband's relatives above her by her coronation. Enthronement. 1834-The Abolition Act, which abolishes slavery in all British territories, including colonies, comes into force. The slaves are released on the same day in 1840. 1855-The second highest peak in the Alps, the Monte Rosa Dufour peak, is the first ascent. 1876-Colorado Territory is promoted to the state, becoming the 38th state of the United States, Colorado. 1879 --Japan's first maritime insurance company, Tokio Marine Insurance Company (currently Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance) begins operations. 1881 --The establishment of Japan's first private railway company, Nippon Railway, is decided with the participation of Kazoku and others. 1894-Sino-Japanese War: Japan and Qing declare war on each other. 1898-Sakichi Toyoda obtains a patent for a power loom. 1907-The Military of the Korean Empire is dismantled by the Third Japan-Korea Agreement. 1911-Tokyo City acquires the Tokyo Railway Company and establishes the Electricity Bureau. It becomes the Tokyo Toden (currently Toden). 1912 --Bunji Suzuki and others form a Yuaikai for the purpose of mutual aid of workers. 1913 --Completed double tracking of the Tokaido Main Line. 1914-World War I: The German Empire declares war on the Russian Empire. 1921 --Otsu on the Tokaido Main Line-Kyoto is changed to the current route via the Shin-Aisakayama tunnel. 1924-The Hanshin Koshien Stadium (the name of the stadium at that time), the first large-scale multipurpose baseball stadium in Japan, was completed with the main purpose of holding the national secondary school championship baseball tournament. 1927-Chinese Communist Party armed uprising in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, continues to occupy until the 3rd (Nanchang Uprising). 1935-The Chinese Communist Party announces the "August 1 Declaration (a book that tells the national compatriots to save the country)" that the civil war will be stopped and the United Front of the Anti-Japanese People will be formed jointly with the Soviet Republic of China. 1936-The 11th Summer Olympic and Berlin Olympic Games begin. Until August 16th. The torch relay was held for the first time at this competition. 1941-World War II: US President Franklin Roosevelt bans oil exports to Japan as a sanction for Japan's invasion of France. 1943-Conscription system is applied to Korea under Japanese rule. 1943-World War II: Ba Maw declares Burma's independence in Burma under Japanese occupation. Signed the "Japan Burma Alliance Treaty" and declared war on the Allies. 1944-World War II-German-Soviet Wars: Warsaw Uprising Outbreak. 1944-Anne Frank writes her last diary. 1945-World War II Air Raids on Japan: Nagaoka Air Raids 1946-Formation of the Japanese Federation of Labor. 1946-Introducing a new currency forint in Hungary during hyperinflation. 1 forint 40 穣 (4 × 1029) Pengé. 1947-I.

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