August 15


January 18, 2022

August 15 (Hachigatsujugonichi) is the 227th day from the beginning of the year (228th day in a leap year) in the Gregorian calendar, and there are 138 days left until the end of the year.


1057-Battle of Lumphanan. King Macbeth of Scotland is defeated by Malcolm (later King Malcolm III of Scotland). 1248-Cologne Cathedral laid down. Completed in 1880. 1261-The first emperor of the Byzantine Empire, the Palaiologos dynasty, was crowned by Michael VIII Palaiologos. 1519-Panama City was founded by Pedro Arias de Avila. 1534-The Jesuits are formed by Ignatius of Loyola and seven others. 1537-The founding of Asuncion. 1549 (July 22, 18) --Francis Xavier and his party land in Kagoshima. Christian mission begins in Japan. 1573 (July 18, 1573) --Battle of Makishima Castle: Yoshiaki Ashikaga, a general standing in Uji and Makishima Castle, surrenders to Nobunaga Oda. Yoshiaki was banished from Kyoto, and the Muromachi Shogunate was virtually destroyed. 1760-Seven Years' War: Battle of Liegnitz 1843-Tivoli Gardens opens in Copenhagen, Denmark. 1863 (July 2, 3rd year of Bunkyu) --The British fleet bombards Kagoshima, and the Satsuei War begins. 1868-Ecuadorian earthquake. Earthquake near the Ecuador-Colombia border. The next day was also an earthquake. 70,000 casualties in two earthquakes. 1869 (July 8, 1869) --The Meiji government established the Daijo-kan, the Department of Divinities, and the Ministry of Popular Affairs and six other ministries under the jurisdiction of the Daijo-kan. At the same time, proclamation to abolish Hyakkan-na and Zuryō. 1869 (July 8, 1869) --The Meiji government established a pioneer in Ezo. 1886-Nagasaki incident. A sailor in the Qing dynasty (China) riots in Nagasaki city, causing casualties in both the Sino-Japanese and Qing dynasties. 1899 --Taichiro Morinaga founded Morinaga Western Confectionery Factory (predecessor of Morinaga & Co., Ltd.). 1901-Akiko Yosano's first songbook "Midare Gami" is published. 1914-Opening of the Panama Canal. 1915 --Yokohama Station (2nd generation) on the Tokaido Main Line opens, and the former Yokohama Station (1st generation) is renamed Sakuragicho Station. 1916 --Taisho convertible banknote (Arabic numeral 1 yen) issued. 1929-The Wailing Wall Incident. Zionists and Arabs clash on the Wailing Wall, causing many casualties. 1939-The fantasy musical movie The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland, premieres in Hollywood. 1940-The Constitutional Democratic Party disbands and joins the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, disbanding all Japanese parties. 1942-World War II: Operation Pedestal ends. 1944-World War II: Operation Dragoon begins. 1945-World War II: Before dawn, the Miyagi incident is subdued. 1945-World War II: At noon, the Potsdam Declaration (formally, "Proclamation Defining Terms for Japanese Surrender") by Jewel Voice Broadcasting by Emperor Showa reading "The Rescript of the End of the War" It consists of 13 articles calling for "unconditional surrender of all Japanese troops" issued to the Empire of Japan (Japan) on July 26 in the name of the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and the President of the Republic of China. Acceptance of the Declaration) and surrender to the Allied Powers will be communicated to the Japanese people by radio and newspaper (the day of the end of the war in Japan). 1945 --Kantaro Suzuki Cabinet resigns. 1945-The Committee for the Preparation of Korean Foundation is established in Seoul. 1946-The 28th National Junior High School Championship Baseball Tournament begins. The secondary school baseball tournament, which had been suspended during the war, has resumed. 1947-India becomes independent of Britain following Pakistan the day before. 1948-Republic of Korea is established. 1949 --Republic of Korea's "fu" was changed to "city", and Eup, a county with a large population, was promoted to a city. 1949

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