885 years


November 28, 2021

885 (885) is a normal year according to the Christian era (Julian calendar).

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Zodiac: Yin Wood Japan 9th year of Gangyo, 1st year of Ninna Imperial year 1545 China Tang: 5 years of neutralization, 1st year of light enlightenment Korea: Vietnam : Buddhist calendar: Jewish calendar:


885 calendar (Julian calendar)


June-Return the Silla mission to Hizen Province. On August 29, a large eruption of Kaimondake in Satsuma Province. Emperor Xizong, who had been chased by Chang'an by the Huang Chao Army, returns to the capital


February 6 (January 18, 1991) --Emperor Daigo, 60th Emperor (+930) Fujiwara no Onshi, the maiden of Emperor Daigo (+ 954) Li Congke, the late Emperor of Later Tang (+ 936) Li Cunxu, the first emperor of Later Tang in the Five Dynasties (+926)


April 6-Methodius, Intellectual of the Byzantine Empire, Christian priest (* 826) May 19 (April 2, 1st year of Ninna) --Jishi-naishinno, the imperial family of the Heian period, Ise Saigu (* year of birth unknown)


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