B-29 (aircraft)


November 28, 2021

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress is a large strategic bomber developed by Boeing in the United States.


Unlike the B-17, which evolved from a medium bomber, the B-29 was designed for long-range strategic bombing from the beginning. The air raids on the Japanese mainland by the B-29 was a major factor in losing Japan's ability to continue the war. Nickname is "Super Fortress". In the wartime literature, the nickname "Super Fortress" was explained as "Super Sky Fortress", and in the newsreel at that time, it was also called "Super Sky Fortress". .. The name chosen by the Asahi Shimbun is "Bii-ko" (May 12, 1945). The B-29 was also the first aircraft to have a professional flight engineer. Traditional military aircraft up to the B-17 had engine-related instruments filling the cockpit instrument panel, and pilots had to monitor those instruments as they piloted, but on the B-29 they were. All are placed in front of the flight engineer, and the pilots are devoted to maneuvering, and the division of labor in airplane maneuvering is being planned.


In conventional airplanes, it is necessary to equip oxygen masks and wear warm clothes because the air pressure and temperature inside the airplane drop at high altitude, but the B-29 was able to maintain the air pressure equivalent to 2,400 m at an altitude of 9,000 m. This is due to the application of Boeing 307 technology and the installation of a pressurizer with a pressurization capacity of 11.25 kg / min. Since it is necessary to open and close the bomb bay, in the B-29, the cockpit at the front of the fuselage and the machine gun seat at the rear of the fuselage are used as a pressurization chamber, and a tube with a diameter of 85 cm is connected between them, and the crew members pass through this tube to the front and back. moved. An oxygen cylinder was also installed in preparation for the impact. The cabin was fully air-conditioned, and the crew members were only on board with normal flight suits. When the Japanese side recovered the body of the B-29 crew member who was shot down, the air conditioning was so complete that some people wore only upper body T-shirts. The Japanese side, who did not know this, said that they could not provide the crew with winter clothes, and advertised that the United States was also in need. The aircraft was light but covered with a tough armor plate and had high defense. Even if Japanese fighters and anti-aircraft fires open numerous bullet holes and fragments of anti-aircraft guns, some of which are large holes that reach from the top to the bottom of the fuselage, or even if most of the tail wings are destroyed, the Mariana I was able to return to the airfield of the Islands on my own. In addition, even if it suffered such a large damage, it had the maintainability to be able to re-sort after repair. The weight was twice that of the B-17, but the wing area was 131.92 m2 for the B-17, while the B-29 was 159.79 m2, an increase of 21%, and the wing loading was about twice that of the B-17. became. When the wing loading increases, the speed at landing becomes high, but by making the flap huge with a length of 10 m, not only the landing speed is reduced but also the lift at takeoff is increased. Therefore, the main wing of the B-29 has a long and slender shape with a large aspect ratio and low air resistance. An anti-icing device was also installed on the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer. In order to reduce the air resistance to the utmost limit, sinking rivets are used for the rivets to join the outer panel of the airframe, and the joints with the airframe are directly joined by electric welding without overlapping.


The B-29 was equipped with four powerful new engines, the Wright R-3350, developed by Wright. The R-3350 is a double-star 18-cylinder sub-row of an air-cooled radial 9-cylinder, equipped with two General Electric B-11 exhaust turbine turbochargers, and is equipped with Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator. With an electronic device made of

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