May 19, 2022

CiNii (Citation Information by NII) is a database group operated by the National Institute of informatics (NII). It consists of "CiNii Research", which allows you to search research data and projects in addition to various documents, "CiNii Books", a comprehensive catalog database of university libraries, and "CiNii Dissertations", a dissertation database.


In August 2004, trial operation of "CiNii" (NII dissertation information navigator) was started as one of the contents of "GeNii" (Genii, NII academic content portal, abolished in March 2014). This was later called "CiNii Articles", and with the new establishment of "CiNii Books", which is the successor service to "Webcat" in November 2011, the conventional "CiNii" was renamed to "CiNii Articles". In June 2015, "CiNii Dissertations" for doctoral dissertations was newly established (doctoral dissertations are required to be published on the Internet due to the revision of the degree regulations in April 2013). Then, "CiNii Research", which can be searched by expanding the search target from various documents to research data and projects and linking them, will be pre-released from November 6, 2020, and will be fully released on April 1, 2021. 2022 On April 18, 2014, CiNii Articles was integrated into CiNii Research. In CiNii Research and CiNii Dissertations, access to the text of the literature is also provided by linking to external sites such as institutional repositories and J-STAGE. In the past, CiNii Articles inherited the data of the dissertation text from NII's digital library business "NACSIS-ELS" (later renamed to "NII-ELS"), free of charge or for a fee (individual pay-as-you-go or institutional flat rate system). However, with the termination of the NII-ELS business in March 2017, the text is provided only for external links. By the way, most of the papers provided by NII-ELS have moved to J-STAGE). CiNii Research ID (CRID) is used for the literature of CiNii Research, NII bibliographic ID (NCID: bibliographic record ID of NACSIS-CAT) is used for the bibliography of CiNii Books, and NII dissertation ID (NAID) is used for the dissertation of CiNii Dissertations. It is assigned, and the detailed display screen of each document etc. can be opened by this ID. For example, since the NAID of Yoichiro Nambu's "About New Particles" is 1570854177206784896, the URL will be "", and Nobutsuna Sasaki's new revision "New Training Manyoshu" The NCID for the first and second volumes is BN02932172, so the URL is "". On November 30, 2016, NII added a function to link CiNii Books with the National Diet Library Digital Collection, and when searching about 760,000 books and magazines contained in CiNii Books, the National Diet Library Digital A link to the collection will be displayed and the text will be viewable.


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