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December 7, 2021

Wikipedia Japanese version help. A Wikipedia article is a page that contains information as an encyclopedia. By convention, it is also called an item in an encyclopedia. The pages in the standard namespace are Wikipedia articles. There is a page in the standard namespace that does not have a: (colon) in the article name. Wikipedia's Special: Statistics page measures the article definition as "a page in a standard namespace with at least one internal link, not a redirect." When this function is called, the number of articles in the Japanese version of Wikipedia is currently 1,303,626. So by statistical definition, a page like this is not an article. Of the pages in the standard namespace Redirect: A page that automatically moves to another page Pages that do not contain any internal links Pages that belong to a namespace for which a specific purpose is specified (examples in parentheses) Help Namespace page (Help: Edit page): Explains how to operate Wikipedia. Wikipedia namespace page (Wikipedia: About Wikipedia): Explains and examines Wikipedia itself and the rules of Wikipedia. Note Namespace Page (Note: Encyclopedia): Discuss what the content of the page should be. User namespace page (User: Example): Wikipedia user page. Category Namespace page (Category: Help): Automatically classify and organize articles. File namespace page (file: Wikipedia-logo-v2-ja.png): Used for attributes and descriptions of image and audio files. Template namespace page (Template: Reader toc ja): A fixed phrase for calling to another page is placed. MediaWiki Namespace Page (MediaWiki: Disclaimers): Messages displayed by the system on Wikipedia. Portal Namespace Page (Portal: Recent Events): Exchange information and collaborate on writing articles in specific areas. Project namespace page (project: chemistry): Make proposals to unify notations for specific fields. Special namespace pages (special: recently updated pages): Automatically generated by MediaWiki. Some Wikipedians consider the following pages to be non-articles, but they are not excluded from the article count. Main page Ambiguity avoidance page: A page to avoid duplication of article names. Stubs: Stub-tagged articles (many of which contain some information) The quality of the articles is from those selected as excellent articles to those that are subject to immediate deletion. Up to, there is a great deal of variation. Some articles have a lot of text and are rich in content, some articles seem to be just about to be written, and sometimes there are articles that are completely nonsense. Special to see the list of articles on Wikipedia: See all pages (gray article names are redirects). Wikipedia: Statistics show a variety of other statistics.


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