Sakanaction (album)


July 5, 2022

"Sakanaction" is the sixth original album of Japanese rock band Sakanaction. It was released by Victor Entertainment on March 13, 2013.


This is the first album in about a year and a half since the previous album, and it is a self-titled album. The theme of this work is "one on the front and back". The front part of a large tie-up song, the back part that Sakanaction wants to do now, and the part where both are mixed are recorded. Five members gathered at the vocalist Ichiro Yamaguchi's home to create it. Yamaguchi said, "I didn't feel like working, I wanted to do it like after school in high school." Because of this, I couldn't sing with a loud voice, so many songs were sung using falsetto. If you make a reservation with TSUTAYA for both the regular edition and the first limited edition, a special sticker and an event lottery application postcard will be attached. In the Oricon chart, won the first appearance first place. It was the first time in the 6th year since his debut that he won the 1st place through a single album.



Recorded songs

intro An instrumental piece that uses binaural audio. INORI A minimal techno instrumental song featuring a chorus of five members. One of the lead songs of this work. Music 8th single title song Fuji TV drama "dinner" theme song This is the first song that I started making at Yamaguchi's home for this work. Night dancer 7th single title song School corporation Mode Gakuen (Tokyo / Osaka / Nagoya) 2012 CM song What a spring Aldebaran Temporary titles at the time of production included "blink", "Tokyo orchestra", and "orchestra". Regarding this song, vocalist Yamaguchi said, "I was conscious of everyone's song in terms of sakanaction." M The song was created mainly by member Emi Okazaki, and a demo was produced with the tentative title "M" when Okazaki said that he wanted to aim for a song like MGMT. rice field. After that, when the deadline for completion was approaching, the title had to be decided even though the song was incomplete in order to make the jacket print in time for the release, and as a result, the tentative title was adopted as the official song title as it is. rice field. Aoi Pre-delivered song. 2013 NHK soccer theme song. Another lead song of this work along with "INORI". Boyle The words "rise" and "boil" that appear in song titles and lyrics come from fishing terms. The tentative title at the time of production was "Child of God". movie The album version of "Movie (Conte 2012/11/16 17:24)" recorded as a coupling in the 8th single "Music". There is a slight change in the phrase from the content version. Me and flowers 6th single title song Kansai TV / Fuji TV drama "I became a doctor at the age of 37-Training doctor Junjou Monogatari-" theme song mellow The tentative title at the time of production was "Midnight Coffee". structure Instrumental song. Morning song Like the song "Endless" from the previous album, it was planned to be a single. "It's because I listened to Bach's melody at night. (Ks_Remix) A remix sound source by mowing the fifth single title song. Recorded only on the first limited edition.

First Press Limited Edition

The DVD and Blu-ray include "sakana calender 2012," which allows you to view videos and data recording the activities of Sakanaction in 2012 in a calendar format. In this content, live video, live photos at the summer festival venue, "with me.