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December 7, 2021

The Wikimedia Foundation's online encyclopedia project, Wikipedia, is open in 303 languages ​​as of April 2019. However, this includes articles with 0 articles and those that are closed, so the actual articles that are written and written are in 284 languages. This page lists all 295 Wikipedias classified by language group (language family, language group, etc.). Bold type has more than 100,000 articles.

Languages ​​with over 1 million articles

Indo-European (134)

Germanic (33)

West Germanic languages Anglo-Frisian English --English Scots --Scots West Frisian --Frysk North Frisian --Nordfriisk Saterland Frisian --Seeltersk Old English --Ænglisc High German German --Deutsch Luxembourgish --Lëtzebuergesch Alemannic --Alemannisch Bavarian Austrian --Boarisch Yiddish --ייִדיש Ripuarian --Ripauarisch Pfaelzisch --Pälzisch Pennsylvania German --Deitsch Low German Dutch --Nederlands Afrikaans --Afrikaans Low German --Platt düütsch Limburgish --Limburgs West Flemish --West-Vlams Dutch Low Saxon --Nedersaksies Zeelandic --Zeeêuws North Germanic languages Swedish --svenska Norwegian (Bokmål) --norsk Danish --dansk Norwegian (Nynorsk) --norsk nynorsk Icelandic --íslenska Faroese --føroyskt East Germanic languages Gothic --𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌹𐍃𐌺 Germanic-based Pidgin Creole language Jamaican Creole --Patois --Opened May 2016 Tok Pisin Sranan Tongo Bislama --Bislama Norfuk / Pitkern

Italic (35)

Latin --Latina

Romance languages ​​(34)

Western Romance French --français Spanish --español Portuguese --português Catalan --català Galician --galego Occitan --occitan Piedmontese --Piemontèis Asturian --asturianu Lombard --lombard Aragonese --aragonés Walloon --walon Venetian --vèneto Emilian-Romanya --emiliàn e rumagnòl Tarantino --tarandíne Norman --Nouormand Romansh --rumantsch Ladino --ladino Picard --Picard Friulian --furlan Ligurian --Ligure Extremaduran --estremeñu Mirandese --Mirandés Alpitan --arpetan --frp.wikipedia.

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